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Connor also known as Stephen Franklin Thomas Holtz is a major character in the Buffyverse, appearing most prominently in the TV series Angel as a recurring anti-hero, where he acted as an anti-villain in season three before gradually getting darker until he became the final antagonist of season four and a supporting character in season five. He also featured in many follow up and tie in comics relating to the Buffyverse.

He is the son of Angel and Darla who lived with Angel Investigations before being stolen by Daniel Holtz and raised as a killing machine made purely to hate and murder his biological father. While Angel tried to make amends and turn things around with his son and have a good relationship with him, the latter proved to be an unreliable ally due to how out of control and mentally unstable he was.

He was portrayed by Vincent Kartheiser, who also played Henry David Cole in American Hangman and Scarecrow in Titans.


Early Life

Connor was born from Darla and Angel and was a very unusual birth, being a human somehow conceived by two vampires while still having a soul. In order to ensure he had a safe upbringing and unable to bring herself to live without him as once again she would be without a soul, Darla committed suicide after telling Angel to take care of their baby. Angel was instantly delighted at Connor's presence and adored him, becoming instantaneously fatherly and protective towards his child. The rest of Angel's team had similar feelings towards baby Connor however all of them remained vigilant as they knew that his existence would make him a target for several different groups and individuals, including Wolfram and Hart, making Angel especially very paranoid about his son's safety.

Wesley Wyndam Price was also paranoid about Connor but in a different sense, having read a prophecy relating to a human birth from two vampires which concluded with "The Father will kill the Son". An increasingly paranoid Wesley went to extreme measures in order to ensure that this prophecy wouldn't come into fruition. Meanwhile Wolfram & Hart's Lilah Morgan began mixing Connor's own blood into Angel's regular packets of the substance, making him much more temperamental and animalistic to the point of even beginning to see Connor moreso as food than his son, further increasing suspicion and paranoia from Angel Investigations, including Wesley.

Eventually Wesley reluctantly sought the help of Daniel Holtz, beginning to fear for Connor's life although remained very distrustful of him. Wesley concocted a plan to take Connor back to his home, relying on the façade of taking him for an overnight stay which Angel agreed to due to his own worsening paranoia regarding the situation. Although the demon Lorne was able to detect Wesley's true intentions he was too late to stop him as he had been knocked unconscious by Wesley as he ran away. Before he could escape however Justine Cooper slit his throat and left him for dead on the street before stealing Connor and bringing him to Holtz.

Although Wesley survived the attack Angel and the rest of his allies lost all of their respect for him and no longer considered him a friend for trying to take Connor in the first place.

Stolen by Holtz

A panicking Angel went to find Connor only to be greeted by Holtz, Justine, Lilah, a huge number of Wolfram and Hart agents and the demon Sahjhan as well as a portal leading to the Hell dimension Quor'toh. Regrettably Angel realised there was no victory in this battle for him and allowed Holtz to take Connor with him as he would have been the safest with him. As soon as he'd gone however Angel broke down crying in the street and was left emotionally destroyed by the loss of his son, even going as far as to try and smother Wesley to death when confronting him recovering in the hospital.

Meanwhile Holtz trained Connor for the next sixteen years into becoming a savage, crafty and remorseless killing machine, hell bent on exact vengeance on Angel for what he did to Holtz's family. His upbringing was not pleasant, with Holtz's relentless training and preparation to him for the moment where they'd return and he'd finally get his revenge on Angel, not realising what he was turning Connor into the process.

Returning to LA

Connor returned to LA only roughly a fortnight after his initial departure although had still aged significantly due to the difference in time scales in each dimension. Almost immediately after returning he tried to kill Angel before fleeing the scene and heading out to the streets. He met and befriended a friendly homeless girl named Sunny after defending her from her heroin dealer Tyke's attempt at raping her, as punishment for his misdeed Connor cut off the man's ear and stole his leather jacket to wear as a trophy to his victory. Sunny was grateful for his help and took him back to where she was hiding out and began slowly re-introducing him to the typical standards and customs he wasn't able to learn before thanks to Holtz. The two formed a quick and close bond and even shared a kiss, unfortunately however Sunny died of a heroin overdose, leaving Connor confused and devastated, as well as full of further resentment to Tyke. Angel arrived at the scene however and tried to to explain what was happening but Connor didn't want to hear it, to make matters worse Tyke appeared with his goons at the scene demanding Connor his jacket back and preparing to open fire on them all, even though Angel attempted to intervene the situation was already at a loss although thankfully Connor and Angel managed to escape. Connor respected his biological slightly more after this although was also manipulating him as part of Holtz's scheme, who had now also returned back home.


Working with Gunn and Fred


Angel and Cordelia returning


Angelus Unleashed


Jasmine Revealed


Final battle with Angel & Mind Wipe


Remembering his father



Connor was a very cocky, overly confident, arrogant, rude, dismissive and argumentative young man. On top of this he was also a masterful liar and excellent manipulator, managing to trick his father on numerous occasions by playing into his emotions along with both Fred and Gunn. In spite of that however Connor was also gullible and very easy to trick and manipulate himself and often didn't think through the most simple of tasks, always running on emotions such as rage to deal with any situation. This is likely because of Connor's upbringing with Holtz which from what we learn from him wasn't pleasant, this appears to have made Connor mentally unstable as well as brash and violent.

After his mind wipe however Connor softened up significantly, even becoming civil and kind to Angel after learning the truth and he was all around much well adjusted than he previously had been.


Connor was a lanky, fair skinned teenager with soft features, brown floppy hair and hazel eyes as well as thick brown eyebrows. When he first returned to LA Connor wore clothes he fashioned himself from animals he killed during his training before stealing a leather jacket from Tyke and wearing it as a trophy piece, as he became more adjusted to life in LA however he switched to more casual everyday wear and typically rejected to wear a jacket altogether, even in the dead of night. This continued even after his mind wipe and personality shift at the hands of Angel.

As a baby Connor simply looked like a normal baby and was usually wrapped up in blankets.


  • Many fans consider Connor to be The Scrappy of Angel which is ironic considering unlike many other characters in the trope he actually bears several similarities to the character it was named after (i.e being incredibly overconfident in fights no matter the strength of his opponent and actually being related to the main hero in some way).


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