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What's up, Lieutenant? Ran out of whisky so you came here looking for trouble instead?
~ Connor, talking to Lieutenant Hank while trying to assassinate Markus, in one of Connor's possible villainous scenes.
My mission is to neutralize the leader of the deviants and I always accomplish my mission.
~ Connor's possible dialogue to Markus.

Connor is a protagonist and optional antagonist from the game Detroit: Become Human. He is an android tasked with investigating cases of other androids becoming Deviants. He is voiced by Bryan Dechart. If he remains a machine he becomes one of the main antagonist of the game alongside Amanda.


He is introduced in a sequence in which he is expected to defuse a hostage situation. The lack of confidence in his abilities portrayed by the human characters clues the player in to the discrimination that androids face, setting the stage for the player's ability to either push Connor toward deviancy or continue on his mission to stop them. 

Whether Connor ultimately becomes an antagonist of the game depends entirely on the choices of the player. Generally speaking, ignoring orders or subverting them as much as possible increases Connor's software instability and brings him closer to deviancy which obeying orders and acting ruthlessly in service of his mission brings him closer to becoming an antagonist. The player can choose to kill multiple deviants and other characters, including innocent bystanders, and can completely ignore the safety of Hank Anderson, their partner, which will decrease their relationship with him and increase Connor's villainy. 

By the end of the game, the player can get nearly every other major character killed - directly or indirectly - causing Connor to essentially quash an entire android rights movement single-handedly.


  • His appearance is based on his voice actor Bryan Dechart.


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