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What's up, Lieutenant? Ran out of whisky so you came here looking for trouble instead?
~ Connor, talking to Lieutenant Hank while trying to assassinate Markus, in one of Connor's possible villainous scenes.
My mission is to neutralize the leader of the deviants and I always accomplish my mission.
~ Connor's possible dialogue to Markus.

Connor is a protagonist and optional antagonist from the game Detroit: Become Human. He is an android tasked with investigating cases of other androids becoming Deviants. He is voiced by Bryan Dechart. If he remains a machine he becomes one of the main antagonist of the game alongside Amanda.


He is introduced in a sequence in which he is expected to defuse a hostage situation. The lack of confidence in his abilities portrayed by the human characters clues the player in to the discrimination that androids face, setting the stage for the player's ability to either push Connor toward deviancy or continue on his mission to stop them. 

Whether Connor ultimately becomes an antagonist of the game depends entirely on the choices of the player. Generally speaking, ignoring orders or subverting them as much as possible increases Connor's software instability and brings him closer to deviancy which obeying orders and acting ruthlessly in service of his mission brings him closer to becoming an antagonist. The player can choose to kill multiple deviants and other characters, including innocent bystanders, and can completely ignore the safety of Hank Anderson, their partner, which will decrease their relationship with him and increase Connor's villainy. 

By the end of the game, the player can get nearly every other major character killed - directly or indirectly - causing Connor to essentially quash an entire android rights movement single-handedly.


At the start of the game, Connor appears rather stoic and entirely focused on the mission. However, the player has the option when going on the roof to show a moment of heroism by saving a cop that was shot by Daniel, and appeal to Daniel's humanity in order to save the hostage, Emma. However accomplishing his real mission takes him beyond just being cold and calculating. He can disobey acts preventing androids from using firearms, lie to Daniel in order to get close enough to shoot him himself, or launch himself off the roof with Daniel to save the hostage and lose even more of his path to deviancy by becoming another replaceable machine.

When meeting Hank for the first time, he can ultimately either be antagonistic or friendly to the detective. Either advising him to come back to work for a recent homicide case and advise him to stop drinking, threaten him with a report, or simply wish to be understanding and friendly. However this ultimately leads to Connor either taking a very smug approach that Hank remarks as being a "plastic prick" by spilling Hank's drink and reminding him of the cost it takes to repair himself. He can also either remove himself from the situation entirely in order to get Hank to follow him or buy into his habit in order to get him to come along. All choices at this point however are either slightly smug, or very robotic. However they all are still insistent towards his mission.

Later on, Connor shows tendencies of being able to manipulate others to suit his goals, depending on the choices the players make, they can pursue a more heroic use for such tactics by saving the android who killed his owner, Carlos Ortiz. They could also get him killed. Either path ends up suiting a villainous Connor's goals if he gets intel on the deviants. However both Connor paths gain a benefit when the android reveals to them clues about Jericho.

Connor's path of going after Kara and Alice is optional, but does feed into multiple paths. As it is the first one aside from his first chapter to show his skills in action of doing whatever it takes to accomplish his mission. He could be merciful and duty bound by listening to Hank and not following the assailants when they go too far or he could continue taking the risks involved. (Listening to him leads to a decrease in deviancy while the opposite increases it) However this ultimately doesn't lead to their capture. It either leads to Connor causing their deaths, Kara and Alice's escape from him, or Connor's own death. He is ultimately frustrated however because either option leads to him being unable to accomplish his mission. However, if he dies in the struggle, Connor once again loses deviancy and Hank's reaction to a full reset with a new Connor is met with anger multiple times depending on how many times the player gets Connor killed.


  • His appearance is based on his voice actor Bryan Dechart.
  • Model #313 248 317 - 60 Is bound to be a villain. Either the player remain a machine in order to die enough to become him,or fight against him as Deviant connor in cyberlife tower.


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