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Stan, this was a bad idea. Bringing me back so you could kill me? You've accomplished the first half. I'm back, just how I was four years ago. But do you know what else I had four years ago?
~ Connor Dwight

Connor Dwight, also known as Lines, is the main antagonist in the first two seasons of The Record of Stan Frederick. He is also a major antagonist in the Slenderverse as a whole and a former member of the now disbanded WeMustCollect trio.


Early Life

Connor was born to David and Victoria Dwight, he was a twin and had a sister named Susan. Though soon enough, the family began getting stalked by Slender Man, who eventually took Victoria, Connor's mother. Fearing for his children's safety, David put them in foster care, where they met Evan. Connor and Evan connected quickly, due to their shared experience with Slender Man, as Evan was the only person who believed Connor and Susan. Growing up together, Slender Man continued to stalk them. Knowing that he would eventually take one of them, Connor came up with the idea of sacrificing children to Slender Man, so they can keep him at bay and ensure their survival. Connor and Evan acted upon this, with Susan not willing to act herself. Their first sacrifice was a boy named Stan White, who Evan later took the name from, becoming Stan Frederick. Stan, Connor and Susan formed WeMustCollect, an organization who's goal was to attain as many members believing in their cause and to harvest more victims.

Behind The Scenes

2012 - 2013

Originally the tritagonist of the series, he became the series' main antagonist after the events of Season 1, where it was revealed that Stan is one of the three identities of WeMustCollect, along with Susan and Connor himself. After Stan and Connor are violently attacked by The Rake, he goes missing and is only seen in Stan's Twitter Account, frequently saying that Stan is weaker than him due to Stan's redemption. During the video 34. INSANITY, he kidnapped Susan and told Stan to harvest one child, or Susan would die. With the help of Idolon and The Rake, Stan managed to find Connor, saving Susan in the process. Connor was eventually harvested and brutally killed by The Rake.

The Record of Stan Frederick

2016 - 2020

Once Connor died, he ended up in the Rake's realm, where the Rake kept all his victims. Connor then spent the next three years getting on the Rake's good side, helping him get more victims. Once he had gained the trust of the Rake, he made a deal with him. The deal allowed Connor to travel back to the normal world with a somewhat physical form, so Connor could torment Stan, though he wasn't allowed to kill Stan, as Stan was the one who gave Connor to the Rake in the first place. Connor first appeared in the video 8. Something New where he broke into a woman's house, who proceeded to contact Stan. Stan arrived at the woman's house and was attacked by Connor, who shortly after that left.

In 12. Change of Plans, Connor broke into Stan's house and filmed two videos with Stan's camera. After Stan found out that Connor was the new distorted entity he decided to go to Jersey where the "time traveling basement" from one of Stan's previous cases was located in. He did this in hopes of the basement turning Connor back to his human form, so Stan could either kill him or trap him there. Unfortunately Connor already knew about this and he managed to kill Serena, one of Stan's friends in the "time traveling basement".

Connor later appeared in 22. All Work, No Play, where he had managed to corrupt Oscar, a person Stan was contacted by, to work for Connor. In the video 29. Neighbors, Connor sent Stan a video, the video talked about how he had more "Collectors" other than Oscar, the new WeMustCollect. In the video 32. Corruptelam, Oscar sent a video to Stan asking for help, telling Stan that he was sorry and that he didn't want to hurt anybody, and that Connor had threatened him. He also told Stan that there is no new WeMustCollect, Connor was bluffing. Stan then drove to Oscar's house only to find him dead, hanging from the ceiling.

Weeks later Connor sent Stan a message on how "a new name popped up", implying that the Rake said the name of someone, meaning that they were soon going to die. He then told Stan to guess which name it was, his wife Susan, his Father-in-law David or his Mother-in-law Julia. Stan responded to this by cancelling all his appointments with people. In 35. New York it turned out that it was none of those people, but Willow, a child who was being stalked by Seed Eaters.

Stan, now desperate to stop Connor, decided to make a deal with Slender Man, that if it helped him kill Connor Stan would give himself up to Slender Man. Stan traveled to his childhood home to confront Connor, bringing a gun with him and pointing it to his head as a way to lure Connor. Connor appeared and pulled the trigger, but the bullet wouldn't come out, Stan couldn't die, the Rake wouldn't allow it . After a brief confrontation with Stan, Slender Man appeared and turned Connor back into his human form, which allowed Stan to kill him once and for all.

During the events of Season 3, Stan revealed that he was originally not going to agree with Connor's plan to sacrifice children, and was going to poison two cups of coffee, to end his and Connor's lives. Though Susan was there for Stan, which made him not go through with the plan. After the events of Season 3, Stan decided to go back in time and ensure that Connor and Stan never murdered any children, and to undo any harm they ever did to anyone's lives. With his new found "Corruptelam" powers, Stan travelled back in time to when Connor and Susan were still babies, he shapeshifted into Slender Man, threatening a young David and Victoria. When asked what he wanted from them, Stan told them he wanted their son. This changed the course of events, this time David only put Connor in foster care, as he knew his son was the only one in danger. This ensured that only Connor and Stan would meet at the foster home, with Susan living her life with her mother and father normally. Since Susan was never in Stan's life, Stan ended up going through with the plan, successfully poisoning the two cups of coffee, killing Connor and himself, ensuring that they never murdered any children, and undoing everything that happened in the three seasons.


Connor is the main antagonist in the series, he killed Puppet for declining his offer of recruitment, which caused Stan to write a post on Puppet's blog.


Connor is the secondary antagonist in the series. Again, Connor tried to kill Kyle for declining the same offer. During the attack, Kyle was ironically saved by the series' main antagonist.


Connor is the main antagonist in the series. He tried to recruit Mark and even managed to defeat him in a fight. He successfully gathered information from Mark about Abbey after possibly torturing him.


Connor is a main antagonist in the series, after the events of DriestHumor, he decided to make Abbey his next target. He was beaten and defeated by Thurman in a fight, causing him to flee.


Connor is an unseen antagonist in the series. Tristan and T.A. were his next targets until he was killed by The Rake.


2009 - 2013

  • Stan White - Harvested by Connor and Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Gabriel - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Abby - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Alexandra - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Bobbi - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Kristin - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Franky - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Shaun - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Hernan - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Naomi - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Samuel - Harvested with likely help by Stan. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • "AnOnlyPuppet" - Murdered by Connor. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • David Dwight - Murdered by Connor. (Death reversed by Teacher.)
  • Julia Dwight - Murdered by Connor. (Death reversed by Teacher.)

2016 - 2017

  • Serena White - Shot by Connor. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Willow Verse - Death advertently caused by Connor. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)
  • Dana Verse - Death advertently caused by Connor. (Death reversed by Stan Frederick after timeline reset.)


  • Connor in total caused the deaths of 17 people before the two deaths that were reversed by Teacher, and the timeline reset at the hands of Stan Frederick, though more are implied to have died at his hands.
  • Connor in the present timeline has not killed anyone.



  • Connor calls the protagonists of the Slenderverse "survivors".
    • Despite being an antagonist, he considers himself a survivor.
  • Connor is voiced by Sasha Blend, who also portrayed him in the original series, StanFrederickBTS.
  • Connor was physically portrayed by Evan Santiago, the creator of The Record of Stan Frederick.
    • Sasha was unable to reprise his role in the second season of The Record of Stan Frederick, leaving Connor to be voiced by Evan Santiago as well. Though Sasha returned to voice Connor in the third season.
  • Connor bears a resemblance to The Gentleman from the The Amazing Spider-Man movies.
  • Connor's face is never shown in The Record of Stan Frederick, leaving his appearance to new viewers a mystery.
  • Connor has died three times.
    • He was killed by the Rake in StanFrederickBTS, then shot to death by Stan in The Record season 2, then poisoned by past Stan in The Record season 3.
  • Though technically Connor has only died once, since his past self was poisoned in The Record season 3, that means he never lived to face the events of StanFrederickBTS and The Record.


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