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Welcome to the show, Johnny.
~ Connor to John Donavon upon reuniting.
There are no dominos, Johnny. Vietnam falls, who gives a shit? It's a f-cking backwater where everybody's livin' in goddamn huts, and half of 'em don't even have shoes on there f-cking feet, for Christ's sake. At least my way had a chance of ending things.
~ Connor to John before his death.

Connor Aldridge is the main antagonist in the Mafia III DLC Stones Unturned.

Connor was an C.I.A. agent, and friend of John Donovan, until he sold information about his country to the North Vietnamese government.

He was voiced by Andy Davoli.



In June 1954, he and Donovan was working together in cover operation for Guatemalan President - Jacobo Árbenz. Donavon admired Aldridge at one point, believing he was everything America was, but would later learn that he was greedy and selfish as everyone else.


In 1963, Connor was in Vietnam as part of the C.I.A. operations, where he was tasked to infiltrate the North Vietnamese Army in order to cultivate contacts and double agents within their ranks. At some point he turned against his country and began feeding intelligence to them instead. He believes that the government is lying, that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was just a ruse dreamt up by the NSA to draw the United States into the war, and that the U.S. government is the real enemy, responsible for killing thousands of American soldiers.

Arrival in New Bordeaux



Where's the f***ing safe?
~ Aldridge to the CIA asset.
Tell me. Who's your colorful friend?
~ Aldridge to John about Lincoln Clay.
~ Aldridge upon finding the document.
I'll tell you know what. Come here. Get up. So long Johnny.
~ Aldridge killing the asset in front of Donavon and Clay.
Maybe. Maybe not.
~ Aldridge's response to Donavon threatening to kill him.
Go ahead, finish... finish this...
~ A wounded Aldridge to Lincoln.
It appears so.
~ Aldridge's last words before his death.



  • Aldridge uses a custom pistol that is similar in appearance to a Tokarev TT-33 with a muzzle brake installed. It is not available in-game.


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