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Connus Trell is a senator of Ryloth but works with the Bando Gora and helps them distribute death sticks, mind altering drugs across the galaxy in Star Wars: Bounty Hunters. He has connections to Sebolto, a drug lord from Malastare. Trell's guards are also corrupt and are aware of Trell's dealings. Jango Fett defeated Trell's guards and interrogated Trell. Trell told Jango about Sebolto and was dropped by Jango when confronted by a corrupt security officer.

When Jango left Coruscant, Roz said there would be a bounty on his head but respond that he's corrupt politician and would hardly be missed which was proven to be true.


  • Trell is one of the few villains in Star Wars: Bounty Hunters that the player can't fight.
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