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Conny is the secondary antagonist of the 2008 Swedish film Låt den rätte komma in (Swedish for Let The Right One In), and the 2004 book of the same name.

He is portrayed by Patrik Rydmark.


Conny and his gang constantly bullied Oskar at school, even going so far as to getting them to hit Oskar with a metal rod. One day Conny came too Oskar, ready to bully him again but Oskar defended himself by hitting Conny in the ear with a hockey stick and managed to completely rip it off. When Conny's older brother Jimmy found out, he made a plot to get revenge on Oskar for harming his brother.

Jimmy, along with Conny and his gang, ousted everyone except Oskar out of the public pool where Oskar was swimming and made a deal with him: Jimmy would hold Oskar under the water for three minutes or Oskar would lose his eye. While Oskar was being held under water, Conny and his gang started to back out and asked Jimmy to stop but Jimmy just yelled at them to shut up. Right before Oskar was about to drown Eli came in and killed Jimmy, Conny, and Martin, a member of his gang.



  • Conny's counterpart in the 2010 American remake is Kenny.