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Conny Lloyd is a supporting antagonist of the 1999 Johan Falk series. He is Seth Rydell's brutish henchman and usually only appears in the same scenes with him. 

Conny always gladly serves Seth whenever he calls him to. He is Seth's strongest henchman and is often very cocky to show others what he got, often when they have someone in hostage and Seth wants information from them, he tells Conny to intimidate them if they resist.

He was portrayed by Christian Brandin.


In Vapenbröder ("Weapon-brothers") when Seth is about to sell weapons to a Norweigian guy named Egil (that he is unaware is in fact an infiltrator), he breaks the deal when he found out he could get a better deal from another guy. When Egil refuses to break the deal and takes the bags, Seth tells Conny to grab him by the collar hand make him release the bags.

In Blodsdiamanter ("blood diamonds"), when Jack and Ali is about to steal a bag of diamonds, Seth kidnapps Bamse, one of Jack's henchmen. They drowns Bamse's legs in gasoline in order to make him tell them the date of the delivery of the diamonds. When Bamse still refuses, Seth tells Conny to light him on fire. They extinguish the fire and Bamse tells them the date.


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