The Conquer Worm is the main antagonist in Hellboy: Conqueror Worm.



The Conquer Worm was one of the 369 Ogdru Hem, the spawn of the anceint Ogdru Jahad. The being was defeated by God's angels, but the only the Worm's body was destroyed, while it's spirit was banished into outer space,

The discovery

The spirit was discovered by the Nazis in 1939, who seeked to contact the being and use it to defeat the Allies. The Nazis send the body of recently-deceased Dr. Ernst Oeming, hoping the spirit would use it as a vessel. The coprse was sent into space with a capsule, but was halted by legendary vigilante Lobster Johnson.

Meeting Hellboy

61 years later Dr. Herman von Klempt managed to get Oeming's corpse, now possessed by the Conquer Worm, back to Earth. The creature was released from the corpse and immediatly started turning humans into forg monsters, which it then consumed. The worm's plan was to consum all humans and then summon it's parent, the Ogdru-Jahad.

The Worm was killed by Hellboy, Roger the Homunculus and the Ghost of the Lobster, using an alien battery.



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