The Conquest Club is one of the various clubs of Binan college, but is the name of the Student Government club. Like the Defense Club, is integrated by Maho Shonen with a pet, that with their natural powers, hidden their identity blurring their faces. But, the name of members of the club is not Battle Lover, but "Chevalier". Like the Battle Lovers, the pet advises the members, but one of the members leads the group.

The group's members are fops, and probably riches.



Zundar like Wombat, is an alien, but seems an animal of the Earth fauna (a hedgehog); he is a servant of Hireashi. With his spikes, uses the lives of the poor students of the Binan College to transform them into evil beings to help the conquest club conquer the world to be watched by all the galaxy in a reality show of the TV UCHVU.

His main power is uses his spikes to hit and penetrate an enemy, so, they are activated by him to control the mind of the victim.

Caerula Adamas

They are the Magic Boys of the group and become a ally of the TV UCHVU after Gōra defeat the first monsters that tried conquer the world. They don't know the true reason to conquer the world (probably, they want conquer the world to correct it, but Zundar used they to help he). They thought that are they that activate the Zundar's spikes.

They become heroes and fight against Hireashi and Zundar.

The Golden Chevalier, Aurite

His true name is Kinshiro Kusatsu. He is the human leader of the group and was a friend of Atsushi in the childhood, but become his hater because he chose En to goes to a place where had curry.

The Silver Chevalier, Argent

His true name is Ibushi Arima. He is the vice president of Student Government.

The Pearl Chevalier, Perlite

His true name is Akoya Gero. He is the most curious about the three, and always wants to know about the Defense Club.

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