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Haven't you been paying attention? You don't find The Institute. The Institute finds you.
~ Conrad Kellogg to the Sole Survivor.

Conrad Kellogg is the secondary antagonist of Fallout 4. He was a Magnum-toting, cigar-chomping ruthless and highly skilled mercenary. contract killer trained and operated to kill people for a living and thereafter an Institute asset who does their bidding in the Commonwealth and is sent to obtain Shaun, the son of the protagonist, from Vault 111.

He was voiced by Keythe Farley.


Kellogg was born in the New California Republic, California in 2179, 108 years before the events of the game to an abusive father who was a frequent drunk and a loving but weak willed mother. On one day, his mother handed him a gun, stating that he was the man in the family and needed to protect them. However, Kellogg ran off, never finding out what happened to his mother. When he grew up he became a mercenary, moved to San Francisco got married to a woman named Sarah and had a daughter, Mary. This happiness was short lived as his family was murdered by enemies he had made in his line of work. Kellogg later regretted meeting Sarah, as she would have lived longer has she never met Kellogg.

After the death of his family he headed east, intending to get as far away from San Francisco as possible. Over time he found himself in The Commonwealth and was called to The Institute, which was annoyed that most of Kellogg's work went against them. At that time, the Institute was creating the first versions of their Synths. Kellogg followed the invitation out of curiosity. He however stated that he would do whatever he would be paid for and that the only way the Institute could stop him from sabotaging them was paying him. Kellogg's conversation partner refused and promptly ordered two Synths to kill the mercenary but was surprised when Kellogg hastily defeated both. Impressed, the Institute decided to employ Kellogg.

Kellogg succeeded with many jobs for the Institute and eventually became the Institute's main asset in the Commonwealth. In this position he eventually led a group of Institute scientists into Vault 111 in order to kidnap a baby named Shaun, who was in cryogenic stasis along with his parents and the rest of the vault. The scientists accompanying Kellogg defrosted the pods that contained Shaun and his parents and they proceed to open the pod. However, the parent carrying Shaun refused to give the boy to the scientists and is shot by Kellogg. Though he initially did not intend to kill the parent, Kellogg later decided that it would have been more merciful than stealing the boy and leaving the parent alive.

Shaun's other parent witnesses everything and Kellogg, despite not liking to leave potential threats, refroze the pod as he was under orders to leave as least one parent alive in case something went wrong with Shaun. Under order from the Institute, Kellogg headed to Diamond City, where he lived with Shaun for many years, eventually thinking of the boy like his own son. A Synth from the Institute eventually arrived and gave Kellogg the job to hunt down and kill Dr. Brian Virgil, an Institute Scientist who fled from the Institute. The Synth left with Shaun to bring the boy back to the Institute while Kellogg left Diamond City.

Eventually, Shaun's surviving parent is defrosted again and manages to hunt down Kellogg and confront him in Fort Hagen. After a short conversation a fight ensues, leading to Kellogg's death. Afterwards the parent takes the cybernetics that the Institute gave Kellogg in order to prolong his life in order to discover where their son is located by accessing his memories.


Let the boy go! I'm only going to tell you once!
~ Kellogg threatening Nate/Nora moments before shooting them.
Dammit! Get him out of here! (walks over to the other parent's pod) At least we still have the backup.
~ Kellogg to The Wanderer after he's forced to shoot their spouse.
But I think we've been talking long enough. We both know how this has to end. So... you ready?
~ Kellogg's last words before engaging the Sole Survivor in battle, a battle that would ultimately cost him his life
Hope you got what you were looking for inside my head. Heh. I was right. Should've killed you when you were on ice.
~ Kellogg's final words to the Sole Survivor, spoken through Nick Valentine.



  • Kellogg is one of the oldest human characters in Fallout lore, being one hundred and eight years old at the time of his death thanks to The Institute's technology. While Kellogg is younger than Mr. House, House's body became so decrepid by the events of New Vegas that he is classified as an abomination.
  • If the player has a powerful weapon, such as a fat man, they can kill Kellogg before he even has a chance to speak when he's finally cornered.

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