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Woah, ha ha! Good morning. Are these your students? Hey kids, what did you learn tonight? What happened to the old crew? Oh, that's right. They stuck their noses into other people's worlds and got fatally injured. Now they're The Deleteables. Hey, you hear that, kids? Take note - that's what you are right now.
~ Stonebanks talks to Barney Ross and his students when telling his story about his original life after Ross caught him and punched him
Maybe there's life after death... ...MAYBE.
~ Stonebanks's most famous line.

Conrad Stonebanks, formerly identified as Victor Menz, is the main antagonist in the 2014 live action film The Expendables 3.

He is Barney Ross' arch-nemesis, as well as his own former friend and a former SASR operative who was the co-founder of The Expendables.

He was portrayed by Mel Gibson, who also portrayed Luther Voz in Machete Kills, which was released the previous year that was made as his second villain role.


Early life

Conrad Stonebanks was born on December 4, 1966 in New York City, United States. He was a former operative of the Australian Army's Special Air Service Regiment, and both Stonebanks and Barney Ross, along with three others, formed their mercenary team called The Expendables several years ago. Stonebanks had a family; a wife named Kristina and an unnamed daughter.

Betraying The Expendables

When Barney discovered that Stonebanks started arms dealing business since he thought mercenary work is not profitable enough, he was forced to terminate him on orders from the U.S. government, which resulting in the deaths of three other founding members. However, since Stonebanks was wearing a heavy bulletproof vest, he survived the assassination plot.

For over two decades, Stonebanks was presumed dead until he resurfaced with his own team of highly advanced mercenaries to take down the Expendables he once helped create. At the same time, he vowed that he would no longer work with any foreign governments since he stated that they are untrustworthy after the U.S. government made Barney to kill him.


Bomb Delivery in Somalia and First Escape

Stonebanks is seen delivering a shipment of aerosol bombs to the warlords in Somalia under the alias "Victor Menz". As he arrives at the meeting site by helicopter, both Doc and Ross are shocked to see that Stonebanks is still alive. Ross thought he killed Stonebanks 20–25 years ago and he yells Stonebanks' name in anger as The Expendables start firing at Stonebanks and his team, but Stonebanks is able to retreat by firing back at them. Stonebanks is then in the helicopter where he shoots Hale Caesar in the leg and the back of the chest, wounding him very badly.

New deal in Romania and Second Escape

Stonebanks is then seen in his lair where he is talking to Albanian Mafia's leader, Goran Vata, in a firefight with The Expendables, with many of his men are killed and wounded. He is then captured by Ross in the van where Stonebanks explains the story of how Ross thought he killed him. Shortly afterwards, Stonebanks' bodyguard Krug suddenly intervenes in a helicopter and shoots down Ross' transit. Because of this, Stonebanks escapes once again and ends up kidnapping the younger Expendables whilst Ross has already been shot down into the river.

Final Showdown and Death

In the end, The Expendables conquer victory after killing waves of Stonebanks' army. Applauded by this, Stonebanks kills two of his own men to demonstrate how easily it is "to kill ten men OR even would them". He then leaves in frustration to finish The Expendables himself, all of whom have already boarded the helicopter piloted by CIA officer Max Drummer. Ross almost escapes until Stonebanks distracts him with his message before surprising and shooting Ross in the shoulder, wounding him in the process.

Having forced his opponent to remove the armor and weapons, Stonebanks engages Ross in a one-on-one brawl after dropping his revolver. Both are equally matched until Ross gains the upper hand before the two men rush for weapons. Stonebanks first manages to get the rifle and starts shooting, but Ross gets the better of him by shooting the treasonous founder five times in the chest. At his opponent's mercy and knowing his undeniable defeat, Stonebanks delivers his final taunt to Ross with his question, "What about The Hague, huh?". Ross fatally shoots Stonebanks before coldly responding with his answer, "I am The Hague", and leaving Stonebanks' corpse to burn up as the explosives Stonebanks planted go off around the building.


Conrad Stonebanks was a highly charismatic and ruthless psychopath who takes a habit in expanding his war crimes; upon which he took immense pleasure in antagonizing his old friend Barney Ross during their warpath. He also appeared to gain an interest in art and philosophy, albeit this was part of his agenda to further escalate his notorious reputation against both Ross and The Expendables.



  • Jack Nicholson, Tom Sizemore and Steven Seagal were all considered for the role before Gibson was cast.
  • In addition to his role as Stonebanks, Mel Gibson was offered the chance to direct the film, but he declined.
  • After Mel Gibson was cast, director Patrick Hughes suggested the character have an Australian background. Although Gibson was born in the U.S., he spent most of his youth in Australia.
  • Stonebanks is former ASAS (Australian Special Air Sevice) operative. This is a nod to one of Gibson's early films, Attack Force Z.
  • Mel Gibson previously worked with Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4, where Li played the main villain. Here it's the exact opposite.
  • Stonebanks is similar to Sentinel Prime, in the way that both betrayed the heroes (Barney Ross and Optimus Prime, respectively) for their own selfish reasons.
  • Stonebanks is also considered to be the evil counterpart of the series' protagonist, Barney Ross.
  • Stonebanks is actually Barney Ross' long-time friend turned archenemy.


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