Conroy Bumpus
A self-absorbed and short country singer and entertainer, Conroy Bumpus is the main antagonist of the video game Sam & Max Hit the Road.


Bumpus seeks out a bigfoot to use in his act in addition for the thrill of the hunt. After visiting numerous other locations with their own bigfoots advertised, Bumpus became annoyed with their disappearances. Due to being hired by the Kushman Brothers to find Bruno, their carnival's frozen bigfoot for display, Sam and Max cross paths with the short country star. At Gator Golf, Bumpus has his goon Lee-Harvey beat up the duo while later capturing Bruno and Trixie, a long-necked freakshow performer who fell in love with the bigfoot.

Sam and Max rescue Bruno and Trixie but then uncover Bumpus' plot to abduct numerous bigfoots gathered at the Savage Jungle Inn. Confronted, Bumpus sends Lee-Harvey to deal with the duo once more. In the Savage Jungle Inn's kitchen, Bumpus and Lee-Harvey are thrown into a freezer room, becoming entrapped in a block of ice. Wishing to respect Bruno's wish to be free of carnival work and start a new life with Trixie, Sam and Max bring back the block of ice containing Bumpus and Lee-Harvey to be displayed in Bruno's place.


Like the typical celebrity villain, Bumpus is self-obsessed and arrogant to a fault, using his henchman Lee-Harvey to deal with anyone who opposes him. He also is a cruel showman, witnessed during a song routine wherein he forced Bruno and Trixie to perform on stage. In addition, he rigs animal heads of his past kills to sing backup.

He has a Villain Song with "King of the Creatures", declaring himself to be a collector of the odd and a master of all living beings.

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