The Consigliere is one of the evil roles from the mystery RPG game Town of Salem. The Consigliere wants to investigate people and kill everyone who would oppose the Mafia.


The Consigliere is the mirror version of a Town of Salem hero, the Investigator. The Consigliere's goal is investigate people and kill everyone from the Town and conquer the Town. The Consigliere is most useful non-killing role of the Mafia, they can invest and they can get exact result.

The Consigliere chooses a person every night and gets a result from them about their role.

The Consigliere can become Mafioso when all Mafia killing roles are dead.

Differences from the Investigator

Unlike an Investigator, Consigliere gets exact results from the targets. The Investigator only gets a clue from their targets like ; Your target could be a Survivor, Vampire Hunter, Amnesiac.

Winning Conditions

The Consigliere wins with the Mafia, the Witch and the Survivors. The Town and all neutral roles must die.

The Consigliere has no defense and attack, so they can not attack

Result Messages

After the Consigliere chooses a target, they get a result about their role. It is the list of all messages;

Type of Messages

  • Your target is a trained protector. They must be a Bodyguard!
  • Your target is a professional surgeon. They must be a Doctor!
  • Your target is a beautiful person working for the Town. They must be an Escort!
  • Your target gathers information about people. They must be an Investigator!
  • Your target detains people at night. They must be a Jailor!
  • Your target watches who visits people at night. They must be a Lookout!
  • Your target is the leader of the Town. They must be the Mayor!
  • Your target speaks with the dead. They must be a Medium!
  • Your target wields mystical power. They must be a Retributionist!
  • Your target is a protector of the Town. They must be a Sheriff!
  • Your target secretly watches who someone visits. They must be a Spy!
  • Your target specializes in transportation. They must be a Transporter!
  • Your target tracks Vampires. They must be a Vampire Hunter!
  • Your target is a paranoid war hero. They must be a Veteran!
  • Your target will bend the law to enact justice. They must be a Vigilante.
  • Your target uses information to silence people. They must be a Blackmailer.
  • Your target gathers information for the Mafia. They must be a Consigliere.
  • Your target is a beautiful person working for the Mafia. They must be a Consort.
  • Your target pretends to be other people. They must be a Disguiser.
  • Your target is good at forging documents. They must be a Forger.
  • Your target has a desire to deceive. They must be a Framer!
  • Your target is the leader of the Mafia. They must be a Godfather.
  • Your target cleans up dead bodies. They must be a Janitor.
  • Your target does the Godfather's dirty work. They must be a Mafioso.
  • Your target does not remember their role. They must be an Amnesiac.
  • Your target likes to watch things burn. They must be an Arsonist.
  • Your target wants someone to be lynched at any cost. They must be an Executioner.
  • Your target wants to be lynched. They must be a Jester.
  • Your target wants to kill everyone. They must be a Serial Killer.
  • Your target simply wants to live. They must be a Survivor.
  • Your target drinks blood. They must be a Vampire!
  • Your target howls at the moon. They must be a Werewolf!
  • Your target casts spells on people. They must be a Witch!

Investigation Results

  • Sheriff: The Sheriff will get the result about their target is suspicious.
  • Investigator: The Investigator will get the result "Your target could be a Investigator, Consigliere, Mayor, Tracker, or Plaguebearer".
  • Consigliere: The Consigliere will get the result "Your target gathers information for the Mafia. They must be a Consigliere".


There are some achievements that can be earned by perform tasks. They are the achievements that dedicated to the Consigliere;

  • Private Detective: Win 1 game.
  • Interrogate: Win 5 games.
  • Cross-Examine: Win 10 games.
  • Snooper: Win 25 games.
  • How'd that happen?: Find a Godfather.
  • Uh Oh: Find a Veteran.
  • Kill him, Quick!: Find a Sheriff.


The man grew up in the town as an average kid with an average childhood and an average education. The same monotonous routine of his daily life was simple day after day until he decided on a goal to finally strive for. He decided to become a private investigator like on the detective shows his parents would occasionally watch. In his young adult years he had followed around a man he revered as the best investigator in town who had subdued numerous criminals and psychopaths in his career. By following the investigator, he slowly built up a well of knowledge in how to properly find information and people's secrets. The man rose to the top in popularity as an outstanding detective resolving many cases over his young adult career. At the age of 31, he chose to test himself by attempting to investigate the man he had previously worshiped as his inspiration only to discover the dirty truth. "I just couldn't believe any of it; the lies that created the very foundation of this town, it was all just so... despicable. It had all been covered up. The Sheriff, Jailor, and even the Mayor had all hidden what this investigator had done in order to protect the so-called justice of this filthy place." He then turned to the only people in the town who probably knew this truth alongside him: the people revered as pure evil, the mafia. With his expertise in the field of investigation, he tracked down the Godfather and asked of him one simple request: "Help me destroy this town."
~ The Summer Solstice Writing Event provides a backstory for the Consigliere.



  • The Consigliere was the Investigator who works for the Town. He was the best Investigator of the Town.


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