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Get away from my house! I'm gonna rip them to bits.
~ Constance
You vandals! You hooligans! I'll get you!
~ Constance as she threatens two young children with an axe.

Constance Nebbercracker (formerly known as Constance the Giantess) is the titular main antagonist of the 2006 computer-animated film Monster House.

She was once an unwilling member of a circus freak show until Horace Nebbercracker saved her, falling in love and later becoming Nebbercracker's housewife. But one Halloween some children decided to torment and laugh at her. She lost her balance while trying to chase them away, falling to her death into the basement of their still unfinished house along with some fresh cement. Having become part of the foundation, she possessed and physically became the house, her anger unyielding even after all these years.

She was voiced by Kathleen Turner, who also played Matty Walker in Body Heat, Beverly Sutphin in Serial Mom, Claudia in A Simple Wish, Dr. Elena Kinder in Baby Geniuses and Gwendolyn in 3Below.



Though little is known from her backstory, Constance was once an unwilling member of a circus freak show. She was always mocked due to her extreme obesity. Not only that, she was forced to sleep in a cage far away from the circus proper. Judging from the photos that Jenny and DJ found in the house, it was shown that her extreme obesity was due to her love of food. Whether this was true or not (or merely speculated), her size disgusted many people whose path she crossed, and children made fun of her in an extreme manner. Despite this, young Horace Nebbercracker loved Constance very much.

Mr. Nebbercracker eventually helped Constance escape from the circus and they got married, planning to build a house together. Though she was happy with her life, this happiness proved short lived. One day as she and Horace Nebbercracker were busy building the house, two troublemaking children threw rocks at her. She begged Nebbercracker to help and Nebbercracker told her that they were merely joking because it was Halloween. He tried to convince Constance that he will not let anyone hurt her. But as he said so, the children continue to provoke her, prompting her to try and chase them away with an axe. Nebbercracker tried to stop her as she tried to unleash her fury, unwittingly causing Constance to lose her balance, tip over a cement mixer and fall to her demise in the house's basement. Constance either died by her spine being crushed or suffocation due to the cement burying her body.

After being killed, Constance took over the house and became a vengeful spirit due to her rage and her unwillingness to leave her husband. However, she was no longer the person that Nebbercracker once knew. Now, Constance's hatred towards children (which stemmed from children mocking her while she was in the circus) led to her transformation into a bloodthirsty and murderous monster that tried to kill anything and anyone that approached her (except for Nebbercracker himself).

Knowing what his wife had become, Mr. Nebbercracker was forced to pretend to hate children for their safety. He even confiscated toys that ended up on his lawn so they never returned. As he did this, Constance's anger was softened as she was no longer bothered, and presumably underwent a deep sleep. The only one who was suspicious with Nebbercracker's grumpy and wrathful attitude was DJ Walters, a boy whose hobby was to spy on the old man.

Events in the Movie


Almost 45 years later, Chowder's basketball accidentally ends up in Nebbercracker's front lawn the day before Halloween and he prompts DJ to retrieve it. Nebbercracker catches DJ and storms out of the house, lifting the boy up and yelling at him to stay away from his house. However, this proves to be a great mistake; due to his old age, his body cannot endure DJ's weight and he suffers a heart attack, breaking some bones in the process and falling unconscious afterwards.

When Nebbercracker is taken to the hospital, Constance immediately awakens from her years of slumber. Her fireplace starts burning of its own accord, and she emits sad, groaning voices as the ambulance arrives to carry her husband away. As the paramedics put Nebbercracker's body on a stretcher, she tries to prevent them from leaving to no avail.

Reign of Terror

That night, she possesses the telephone in her house and tries to reach DJ (who only hears furious growls instead of speech). Thinking that it maybe a trick, he tries to call the house back but no one answers him. After DJ sneaks away, Bones (who had lost his kite to Nebbercracker when he was 10 years old) approaches the house and starts mocking Nebbercracker out of anger and sadness. When Constance sees this, she uses his long-lost kite (which was stashed away in the basement) to lure Bones into the house. Unaware that this is a trap, Bones approaches the kite, only to have it coil around him and the house quickly devours him.

Later on, when DJ and Chowder sought to investigate the house, Chowder, who does not believe in the strange things that occurred inside the house, starts to fool around on the house's lawn. They discovered Bones' empty bottle but dismissed it and toss it aside, unaware that the possessed grass on the lawn pulled it underground. Everything seems normal, until Chowder pressed the bell, where the house awakened. The door suddenly opens, revealing that its interior's fractures and shifts into a mouth-like cavern. Even the house's exterior turned into a demonic form while retaining its former appearance. The horrified Chowder is then chased by the house's rug that act like a chameleon's tongue, and barely escape. The house roars, prompting them to flee in terror. Chowder looks behind, where the house became more deformed than it previously was before returning back to normal.

Attack in the Morning

The house still remains until morning, though DJ and Chowder continue to watch it from DJ's room for hours even with Zee's interference and resort to pee in bottles so they will not miss any of the possessed house's activities.

For a brief moment, they are distracted by a beautiful girl named Jenny who, much to their horror, approaches the house. Before it was too late, they rush toward her and convince her to go away. Just then, Constance, whom already set her sights on Jenny, possess the porch causing the planks below her to rise and led her to her mouth, only to be failed by Zee and the boys' interference. DJ and Chowder then return to DJ's room with Jenny to continue the investigation. They later witness a dog who approaches the lawn, only to be eaten by the house. Witnessing this, they realize that the house only moved when the unsuspecting victim approaches, and Jenny decided to call the police.

Taunting Chowder and Attacking the Police

As they were waiting, the trio imagines what would happened if many children come to that house due to tonight is Halloween. Just then, the house moves again and taunts Chowder by playing his basketball that marked with Jack-O-Lantern's face, which Chowder perceives that the house would start the real killing spree tonight.

Just then, the police (namely Officer Lister and Officer Landers) arrive, but they didn't believe them at all and instead scolding them for “vandalism” toward the house (due to any attempt to taunt the house was vain and Jenny discovers that the possessed house was very intelligent to do so). They later decided to have a discussion on Reginald “Skull” Skullinski at a cafeteria, where he believes that the possessed house was a monster named Domus Mactabillis, or at least that was he believed as he knew about from comic book conventions. He stated that like mortal beings, it can only be killed by the destruction of it's heart.

As the trio went home, DJ believes that the possession on the house was started from when the furnace inside the house was set alight, implies that the furnace was the house's heart. So, they schemed a plan to make a dummy full of cold medicine, hoping that the drugs were enough to render the house sleeping. Unfortunately, Officers Lister and Landers interfere and upon seeing objects that they used to render the house asleep, they wrongfully arrest the kids.

Before they could drive away, however, the house groans on them, luring both the police officers closer. Oblivious with what has lured them, the two officers decided to investigate the house against the kids' wishes. Officer Landers notices that something seems not right as the other one suddenly driven away with the tree's roots. Officer Lister taunts the tree, which suddenly, prompt it to move and grab his leg. Things suddenly became worse as the house reveals its true nature and devour Officer Landers alive while sadistically playing with Officer Lister that it grabbed via branches, before eventually tossed him into its mouth.

However, the police officers were not the sole target, as it had the trees to grab the police car and devouring it into its mouth inside along with the kids. The kids attempt to escape, but is trapped inside the house as they witness the house's interior revert back to normal.

Discovering the Truth

DJ convinces his friends to keep up with their search for the house's furnace. There, they discovered Nebbercracker's old explosives and photographs depicting Nebbercracker when he was young alongside Constance when she was alive. DJ stated that Zee and Bones had a conversation about Nebbercracker's past life and assumed that he devoured Constance, much to Jenny's disgust. Just then, Chowder spotted the hanged lamp on the house's hall, prompting them to shoot it. However, this nearly caused the house to awaken as the house' main hall turned into a mouth-like cavern before spitting a large amount of water. It then had a beam of light to search the house' main hall where the beam came from one of the windows. Here, Jenny stated that the main hall was deformed into some kind of mouth cavity where the opened hole acts like a throat, the rug acts as a tongue, deformed wood around the door acts as teeth, while the hanged lamp acts as a uvula.

The kids then resume the investigation where suddenly, the floor below them opened, sending them to the basement where Nebbercracker kept the confiscated toys from children. There, they also discovered what appeared to be Constance's carriage that DJ opened with a key that he found back when Nebbercracker's body was taken away by medics. When they entered it, they discovered Constance's corpse that was covered by cement layer. Around her dead body, they found some flowers and photos that people would normally place on the grave of their loved ones.

However, DJ accidentally desecrated Constance's remains by breaking the concrete casing that covered the corpse, revealing the skeleton and inciting the house's fury. The house then pick them one by one after spotting the kids before they find the place to hide. The house had the slinkies snatch Chowder before did the same on the pipes that snatch Jenny and had the wooden stairs to attack DJ, whom barely escaped back to the hall that turned into a mouth cavity, with his friends nearly devoured. Thanks to Jenny's quick actions in pulling the house's lamp, the possessed house ended up vomiting them to the outside, along with the contraptions that they supposedly used to make it sleep.

Terrors that they have endured caused Chowder and DJ arguing with each other with Jenny breaking up their fight. DJ has considered to abandon the case after fed up with the argument, only to unexpectedly be hit by an ambulance by accident which turned out to be hijacked by the still-living Nebbercracker. DJ was happy that he didn't cause the old man to be killed, but only crippled him instead. Nebbercracker then lashed out to the trio to leave, but his wrath quickly changes into worries as he realized that kids would be approaching his house. He then approaches his house which becomes possessed again, but somewhat became gentle to him. By this point, DJ learned that all this time, the house was possessed by Constance's restless spirit.

Constance's Revenge

Against his friends' protests, DJ tries to talk some sense with Nebbercracker about the truth behind his wrathful and suspicious behavior. Nebbercracker was at first furious after he had discovered the truth, but eventually relents and tells them both his and Constance's story. All of his bad deeds on the children were merely ruse to keep them away from his wife's wrathful spirit after the latter's accidental murder by bullies and because of it, he was forced to pretend to hate children so Constance, now as the possessed house and wrathful spirit, won't be able to destroy and consume everything on her path.

Aware that the old man cannot do that forever, DJ convinces Nebbercracker to put her out of her misery as this is the better way. Therefore, Constance has been suffered too long and in spite of his benevolent intentions to keep the children away from the house, it won't improve either of their lives.

Final Rampage and Death

Having overheard the conversation, Constance goes berserk and tears the house free from its foundations and begins to chase her husband and the kids via legs made from trees on the property. The four run in terror, going down an alleyway where Nebbercracker is forced to stay behind due to his old age preventing him from keeping up and Nebbercracker encourages the kids to go on without him. The house continues to chase down DJ and his friends until they were near a construction site, where, for the safety of the children, Nebbercracker throws a stone brick at his house/wife and stands up against Constance, revealing his non-child hating ways in the process.

Whilst managing to calm Constance down, Nebbercracker laments over the fact that he has failed to keep his wife's wrath from hurting others and turning her into what she is now; a true monster. This saddens the house and provides Nebbercracker an opportunity to end his wife's suffering using a stick of dynamite. The house, however, does not take this well and grabs Nebbercracker with the intentions of killing him for this apparent betrayal before DJ, Chowder and Jenny arrive just in time with an excavator, which proves effective against the house. As Constance fights with Chowder, who is controlling the vehicle, DJ is given the dynamite and is told to destroy the house for good.

DJ and Jenny are knocked into the construction site as a result of the house and Chowder's battle on top of the cliff that leads down to the site. They manage to formulate a plan where Chowder will lure the house under a crane so that the two can drop the stick of dynamite down its chimney which leads to the heart. This plan is stalled, however, when the house is dragged down the hill and it breaks apart as a result, leading to the heroes celebrating their apparent victory. This celebration is short lived, however, as Constance's control over the house is still intact and she manages to reform it from its broken remains, resulting in a more horrific and monstrous form that proceeds to devour the excavator before chasing Chowder.

Upon reaching the crane, DJ uses it to swing over the house's chimney and throws the dynamite down to its heart. This causes the house to explode and Constance's spirit to be released, allowing her to spend a peaceful and loving moment with her husband before passing on, signifying that her wrath is finally gone. Nebbercracker is happy that both she and him are finally free from their torment, and proceeds to return all the toys he had taken back to the children of the neighborhood. In the end, all the house's victims are revealed to be alive as well as they crawl out of the house's foundations.


Due to nature of her death and misery she has gone through, Constance is trapped in a hateful and destructive state: When others come near her or the house, she will immediately attack them. Her husband is the sole exception. She is also quick to anger, which is evident by her reacting to the boys throwing eggs and rocks at her before she died and overhearing others talking about her in house form.

Despite being labelled as a circus freak, Constance is shown to be rather intelligent. She knew that she could lure children into her house by using the possessions that Mr. Nebbercracker had confiscated from the children over the years, and she knew that Halloween would be an excellent time for her to attempt to devour children as they would inevitably attempt to go trick-or-treating at the house she lived in.

Furthermore, she didn't attempt to devour the cops that DJ, Jenny, and Chowder had called to the scene until she was certain that they wouldn't be able to call for assistance.

She only likes Mr. Nebbercracker and shows early signs of hostility when DJ tells Nebbercracker to "let her go".


  • Bones
  • Kevin the Dog
  • Officer Landers
  • Officer Lister


  • She is likely to be between 29 or 33 years old.
  • In terms of backstory, Constance is similar with the onryō, vengeful spirits from Japanese mythology as both are wronged in their lifetime and are ultimately killed (though Constance's murder was accidental), resulting in them becoming restless souls that terrorize the living. Unlike the onryō however, Constance's restless spirit possessed her house most of the time, though she briefly manifests as a shadowy apparition when DJ took a peek into his house.
  • When Jenny points out the house's uvula, Chowder claims that the house must be female, foreshadowing that he was correct.
  • When DJ has a nightmare about the house, the arm that reaches out from the doorway is clearly overweight, which foreshadows that the house was indeed possessed by Constance.
  • Early drafts of the film revealed concepts for Constance's character that were not used due to be deemed too disturbing and to keep the rating:
    • The interior of the house possessed by Constance was warped that it resembled much more interior of human organs.
    • When Chowder explores the house and stumbles upon a large mirror that used to be Constance's, Constance's spirit appeared in the mirror and attacked him.
    • The early script also further cemented Constance's status as an antagonist who posed greater threat than either Bones or Zee, as there is a scrapped scene where Zee also ended up getting devoured by Constance.
    • Constance's victims were originally supposed to be dead, but the creators decided that they should keep them alive.
  • In the original screenplay, a pair of bullies named Ryan and Cameron harass DJ and Chowder before DJ purposely leads them to be eaten by the house. However, the idea was scrapped for being too dark.
  • The film's trailer depicts Constance pulling into her mouth the police car, with the cops inside, immediately after they laugh at DJ's story about Constance, leaving only one of the hubcaps. This never happens in the film, where Constance eats the cops first and then the police car with the children inside. It is unknown if the trailer reflects an early version of the film or if the scene was animated differently to make a point about how dangerous and threatening Constance was.


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