The Control Brains are the true leaders of the Irken Empire and the overarching antagonists of Invader Zim. The Almighty Tallest are simply figure heads with the Control Brains being the ones who run the empire. 


The Control brains were created by the Irkens to run the empire and were created from mutated from Irkens and thus controls the empires by using the Tallests as their figureheads for generations. They also are the ones who keep making the Irkens though artificial means and they decide which Irken should be promoted to invader and which should be demoted.They also conduct trials also known as Existence Evaluations. If an Irken fails an evaluation they will be scripted of their PAK and will be executed.They also make Irken tech like the robots and the PAK. The Control Brains also had an update to their appearances just like the Tallests in Enter the Flourpus and The Control Brains are a hive-mind given that they were made from Irken minds. After the Irken Armada's fallen and the tallest trapped in the Flourpus it is unknown what happened to the control brains and the irken race as a whole. A control brain was also seen in a flashback in Tak's history as one makes Tak a janitor drone much to her displeasure. Zim seems to confuse the Control Brains as summative to the tallest when in reality it is the other way around. The Tallests accept their decisions and are shown to be in severate towards them.


  • As the true leaders of the Irken Empire they count as the Bigger Bads of the Invader Zim franchise as even the tallests are figureheads for them.


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