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Who am I? I'm the scariest mother f***er you ever gunna meet. I'm Cook-Cook, bitch, better not forget it!
~ Cook-Cook's unused introduction line.

Cook-Cook is a minor antagonist in Fallout: New Vegas. He is a leading member of the Fiends.

He was voiced by Gregory Alan Williams.



Nothing is known about Cook-Cook's past before he became one of the leaders of The Fiends in New Vegas, but what is known are horror stories from the survivors of his twisted mind.

The Coyotes

If the Courier goes to a camp set up by the NCR to assist the homeless, Captain Parker will tell them that several people have been going missing lately and asks them to ask around for any clues as to why. One of the people the Courier can question is a pimp named Pretty Sarah, who is not a prostitute herself due to the large amount of burns all over her entire body. According to one of her workers Marco, Pretty Sarah got these scars from Cook-Cook himself who set her on fire and raped her multiple times, before letting her go to force her to live with the memories of her torment.

One of Pretty Sarah's girls called Sweetie will also tell the Courier about how one of her clients known as Saint James frequently "visits" her and has a teddy bear propped up as if it's watching them, and this teddy bear belongs to a little girl who was kidnapped by Cook-Cook. If the Courier then goes into Dermot's room, Saint James' friend, they'll find a ledger that reveals they're both slavers who sold the little girl to the other Fiend leaders and Cook-Cook bought a family of four (A mother, two teenage daughters, and a teenage son), tied them all up, and forced the women to watch him burn the boy alive in front of them.

After bringing the ledger to Pretty Sarah, who bans them from hiring any more of their girls, the Courier can then murder both Dermot and Saint James.

Three Card Bounty

If the Courier goes to Camp McCarren and speaks to Major Dhatri, he'll offer the Courier bounties on the three fiends leaders including Cook-Cook and tells the Courier how he raped one of his snipers, Betsy, who now suffers a form of PTSD known as "rape trauma syndrome" which makes her uncharacteristically promiscuous with other women as a way to cope.

According to her partner, 10 of Spades, he was there when she was kidnapped and blames himself for allowing Cook-Cook to get the jump on him and knock him out so he could violate Betsy.

The Courier can find Cook-Cook north of the South Vegas west entrance's ruins, where he's backed up by several other raiders, and will try to keep the Courier far away from him with his flamethrower. If the Courier has a companion, he'll mostly focus on them so the Courier can get in close to shoot him down and end his reign of terror.



  • Metal Armor
  • Raider Archlight Helmet


  • One Flamer (Combat)
  • One Incinerator (Cooking)

Other Items

  • Mentats


  • Cook-Cook has a pet brahmin named Queenie and if the player or any other enemy kills her, Cook-Cook will become frenzied with rage and kill everything around him.
  • According to other fiends arrested by the NCR, Cook-Cook is genuinely a good chef and he even has his own special recipe that's rather helpful in survival mode.
  • Cook-Cook always holds mentats in his inventory, implying he has a chem addiction.
  • Cut dialogue from Cook-Cook changes his personality drastically, making him far more depraved, sadistic, and comical. Due to conflicting with the serious tone of his appearance, it was removed from the final game, though it is still in the game's data files.
  • Informing Betsy and Pretty Sarah about Cook-Cook's death will reward the player close to 500 caps for killing their tormentor.
  • Cook-Cook is one of five characters in New Vegas to be given "Very Evil" Karma, the others being another Fiends member named Duke, the White Glove Society members Mortimer and Phillipe, and the leader of the frumentarii in Caesar's Legion, Vulpes Inculta.
  • If the player is a female courier and talks to Driver Nephi, another leader of the Fiends, he will warn them to never be alone with Cook-Cook. This cements Cook-Cook's status as a notorious and demented rapist as even other Fiends are repulsed and disturbed by his actions.

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