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He had it coming! He had it coming! He only had himself to blame! If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it! I bet ya you would have done the same!
~ The inmates during the Cell Block Tango.

The Cook County Jail inmates are supporting antagonists in the musical Chicago and all of its adaptations. They are a group of murderesses who all killed each of their husbands or boyfriends while using the excuse of "they had it coming".


The inmates are under the control of the very corrupt Matron "Mama" Morton who will do a lot for them if they give her a decent enough bribe. Their most famous appearance is during the song "The Cell Block Tango" in which they all sing about why the killed their husbands (with the exception of Hunyak who was explaining her innocence in Hungarian).

Ironically enough the only inmate who is punished for their actions is Hunyak despite her truly being innocent making her appear as the scapegoat of the story and a warning to Roxie Hart about her own future fate if she doesn't win the court case.

They all seem to have a decent relationship with each other and none of them see their crimes as wrong. It is unknown what happens to the remainder of them after Velma and Roxie are set free however they just most likely stay in jail. 

Known Inmates and their victims

  • Liz: Shot her husband Bernie in the head twice for his bad habit of constantly blowing bubbles with and popping gum.
  • Annie: Poisoned her husband Ezekiel Young after discovering that was an Mormon adulterer who lied to her by saying he was single when he actually had six wives.
  • June: Stabbed her husband Wilbur 10 times after the latter had a meltdown and accused her of having intercourse with a milkman.
  • Katalin "Hunyak" Helinszki: The only truly innocent inmate, a Hungarian performer who was accused of beheading her husband but is truly innocent. She could only say two words in English "Not guilty!". She ends up suffering the most out of all of the inmates since she was executed.
  • Velma Kelly: One of the most famous inmates as well as the main antagonist of the musical, she was another performer who had a double act with her sister Veronica. After seeing her husband Charlie practicing a move with Veronica she murdered them both.
  • Mona: Strangled her husband to death after discovering he cheated on her.
  • Roxie Hart: The main protagonist of the movie who shot Fred Kasley (the man she was cheating on her husband Amos with) after he lied to her about getting her a stage act.
  • Kitty Baxter: A very wrathful inmate who shot her husband and the two women he was cheating on her with. 




  • Roxie and Kitty are the only two inmates who do not get a verse to sing in the "Cell Block Tango".

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