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Cookiesaurus is a titular main antagonist of the Sesame Street short video, Jurassic Cookie, which is a parody of Jurassic Park.


The Scientist (Cookie Monster) created the Cookiesaurus from the DNA in the amber. the Scientist and his grandchildren went to the park, but the Cookiesaurus escaped and it tried to eat them. They all hid in the kitchen, but the Cookiesaurus went in. They saw a sign "In case of giant prehistoric cookie, just h...". They figured it that it is hug, so they hug the Cookiesaurus and it did not attempt to eat them anymore. The Scxientist attempted to eat it, since it is a cookie.


Cookiesaurus appeared as a giant gingerbread cookie that is shaped like a dinosaur, similar to a gingerbread man.


Cookiesaurus wanted to eat anything that moves and this is why he chased the Scientist and his grandchildren, but hugging it makes it calm down and stop attempting to eat the one who hugs it.




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