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The Cookronomnomicon is a minor antagonist Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "Gobble Head". It is a living necronomicon cook book that Chef used to create an evil turkey for Thanksgiving.


In "Gobble Head", Chef was making a Thanksgiving dinner and the Cookronomnomicon fell onto the table and introduced itself. Chef thought it would be a brilliant idea to use a turkey recipe from it to make an appreciation turkey for non-appreciative kids. This created an evil turkey named Gobble Head, who terrorized the school and attacked the kids. Gwen later found out that Chef got the evil reciipe from the Cookronomnomicon and knew this was nothing but evil. The Cookronomnomicon followed Chef and the kids into the basement when Gobble Head chased them down there and Gwen read from the Cookronomnomicon to learn how to destroy Gobble Head.


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