The Cool Cubed creature and the Translator served as the main antagonists of the Regular Show episode "Cool Cubed". When Mordecai and Rigby go inside of Thomas's head to melt his brain core, the Cool Cubed attempts to freeze the core.

The Cool Cubed is voiced by Sam Marin who also voiced Benson, Pops and Muscle Man while the Translator is voiced by Mark Hamill who also voiced Skips and his previous counterpart.


Cool Cubed

The Cool Cubed Slushy looks like a typical slurpee drink. He has blue slush, which is inside a blue container that has his name, and a picture of mountains and a yeti. He also has a transparent head, which reveals the slush that has his face. He has red straw on his head, and blue arms and legs.


The Cool Cubed Translator wears a fuzzy, brown jacket and glasses. He also has long facial hair, including a mustache and a goatee.


Mordecai and Rigby find the arsenal and load up, before chasing after Cool Cubed, who was already heading towards the core. He also had a translator with him as well similar to the translator from "Caffeinated Concert Tickets". They begin chasing him with a truck that they found inside the box, but Cool Cubed sends a blast of ice to one of the truck's treads, causing the truck to crash.

As they were lying on the ground, stunned, Cool Cubed attempts to freeze them to prevent it from reaching the core, but Thomas's consciousness gets in the way, getting frozen himself. The translator attempts to stab Thomas's consciousness with a spear, but Mordecai and Rigby pull him out of the way, causing the spear to hit the ground and open up a large hole in the ground, sending the translator falling to his death.

Cool Cubed rushes off towards the core, forcing Mordecai and Rigby back into the chase. They eventually reach the core with Rigby holding back Cool Cubed while Mordecai lights a bundle of dynamite to thaw the core. Cool Cubed prevents that, though, knocking into Mordecai and sending the dynamite and matches into the hole, with the dynamite landing a few inches from the core. Sensing victory, Cool Cubed jumps into the core, intending to finish the job and freeze the core, but Mordecai shoots an arrow into the dynamite, exploding it and thawing the core, destroying Cool Cubed in the process. 


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