On this quarter-mile stretch of highway, I AM the law!
~ The Cop showcasing his corruption

The Cop is the main antagonist of the Regular Show episode "Gold Watch".

He was voiced by Steve Blum.


The cop is corrupt, ruthless and malevolent, as he arrested Benson for no apparent reason. He enjoys arresting people randomly because he feels that he can. He also believes that he is in complete control of the highway he monitors.


The cop first appeared speeding down the highway in the desert Benson was left in. Benson only wanted help but the cop arrested him. Benson demanded a reason to why he was being arrested but the cop reunited Benson with Mordecai, Rigby, and the pilots (who the officer previously arrested). After realizing how he ended up in this situation, Benson demanded to be released soon so that he can get back to the house in time to get the watch for his reward but the cop only agreed to release him an hour later. Pops appeared and kindly demanded for the cop to release Benson and the others but the cop arrested him too and attacked them with a hose. The cop decides to go back to get a larger hose but was surprised when he only saw Pops in the jail instead. Before the cop could do anything to Pops, he was ambushed by everyone else that was hiding behind the man's big head. Angered that the prisoners escaped, the cop decides to go after them. The cop went on the pursuit and attempted to arrest Benson but the car exploded killing the cop.


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