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Cop Bot is a recurring villain from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is a robotic police officer, who used to work for Paradise Police Department, before betraying them to host the houndstooth meth organization.


In "Paradise Found", Paradise Police Department got a robotic police officer named "Cop Bot", who would do nothing but constantly reference to jokes from the show, Brooklyn 99. At the end of the episode, Cop Bot, along with all of the other new inventions from Paradise Police Department got repossessed, when Kevin exposed himself as a liar.

In "Big Ball Energy", Fitz tracked down the creator of houndstooth meth and found Cop Bot in Robby and Delbert's crackhouse. Robby and Delbert were playing video games on Cop Bot. At first, Fitz assumed that Robby and Delbert were the creators of the meth before Cop Bot said that it was him. Fitz said that he wanted the recipe for houndstooth meth so that they could work together as a team. Cop Bot printed out the recipe for him and Fitz screwed him over, saying that he changed his mind about working with him. Fitz attempted to pistol Cop Bot in the head but it didn't affect him. Cop Bot, realizing he'd just been betrayed attacks Fitz by strangling him. Eventually, Dusty breaks through the walls, trapped inside of a car, which was trapped inside of a McDonald's. This McDonald's crushed Cop Bot to death, freeing Fitz of his grasp and giving him the recipe for houndstooth meth.


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