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Copperback is a minor antagonist in the SteamWorld series, first appearing in SteamWorld Heist.


SteamWorld Heist

Copperback was not mentioned or seen until captain Piper's Crew went to board the Royalists compound prison.

He was seen after Piper's crew fought against some of the Royalists, where he planned to take them on with a pair of Jailers. He than fled after he was low on health.

Copperback later came to help the Red Queen, along with Ace a bit afterwards. He, however died protecting the Queen.

Powers and Abilities

Copperback can run at a high speed and with his knife, can stab objects or even Steambots to low health, even destroying them with little ease.


  • Copperback, Ace, the Jester and Captain Canary are the only enemies, not counting the bosses, to show a difference to the other enemies they are afflicted too.


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