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The slaves were the most advanced of all the animal kingdom. I hunted them because they provided a great challenge.
~ Copperfield about his passion.
Some creatures, when wounded, run and hide. But not I. Never.
~ Copperfield
Underground railroad came through here, and these days that usually makes people feel proud. Too bad the infamous slave hunter Copperfield came to Baltimore one dark day and had his mutts eat all the slave flesh they could find.
~ Ranse Truman about Copperfield.

Copperfield is a part of Baltimore's dark history and a former slave hunter, who is now haunting the city from 2005 action horror game The Suffering: Ties That Bind

He was voiced by Bob Papenbrook.



Nothing is known about his childhood or early life. Nevertheless, as an adult he was remembered as a sadistic slave hunter who have visited Baltimore at one point. In Consuela's "An Underground Railroad" he was said to enjoy witnessing the search dogs mauling ranaways alive. Ranse Truman basically says the same thing about him. Copperfield himself states during the game and the battle with him that he used to intentionally starve his hounds so they would never lose the track of their targets and also knew both Torque's and Carmen's ancestors, hunted them and was responsible for their deaths. 

The Suffering: Ties That Bind

Copperfield appears as an apparition during Torque's jail time for beating a man to death before the events of the first game. He stands in a narrow room alongside his three hounds, saying that "There is no escape" just to vanish.

After Torque manages to escape from Jordan's ops into the streets of Baltimore, in an alley he meets Copperfield as an actual physical manifestation. Accompanied by two Maulers, he clearly states that his hounds were the vital component in hunting the slaves down before vanishing once again. It is important to note that every time Torque meets Copperfield, his vision is covered by the image of what appears to be a monstrous jaw for a brief second.

Our next encounter with Copperfield occurs in an alcohol shop where two black owners request us to fend off a wave of malefactors in exchange for supplies. However, instead of letting Torque behind the counter, they give him only a small amount of supplies, stating that he's "too crazy" and they are afraid of him. Suddenly, Copperfield appears behind the counter and shoots one of the men dead. The other one cowers in fear and pleads Torque to help him, opening the door leading behind the counter. Torque has a choice of waiting for Copperfield to finish his speech about how certain more cowardly and submissive groups of people only to walk towards the black man, bash him over the head with the butt of his rifle and shoot him to death or attacking Copperfield, forcing him to vanish. Regardless of our choice, Copperfield will still instruct his hounds to kill our protagonist later. 

The second apparition happens when we proceed into the yard near the underground station. It depicts Copperfield standing in front of four Maulers surrounding three terrified slaves while their panicked dialogue and Copperfield's "Slaves cannot run forever" can be heard. A few seconds later, Copperfield manifests himself on the balcony of a nearby building and summons several Maulers to devour Torque. After he fights them off and finds a way to climb onto the balcony where Copperfield used to stand, he disappears. 

After the previous encounter, he again appears on a balcony, this time interrupting Miles by shooting him in the chest. Miles manages to survive and retreat, while Copperfield is disappointed by that fact and vanishes. In the yard below the balcony he summons an endless wave of Maulers for Torque to gain enough insanity and break the fragile wall to escape.

Copperfield won't appear for a long time, only to show up behind a pile of burning debris in the kitchen of Baltimore Eastern Correctional. He shares with Torque the technique of bending the animal to one's will by taking away it's food, then summons a group of Maulers. After we kill them all, he talks about his own hunger for catching his prey and warns Torque again that "Nothing can run forever", enabling the protagonist to proceed further by opening one of the doors.

The last encounters will happen only in case Torque has a neutral or good morality by the time he reaches the Horde boss. Copperfield will appear floating above the hole made by the Horde and encourage Torque to jump down. The hero follows his demand and finds himself in Blackmore's Drowning Pool. There he is judged by Dr. KilljoyThe Creeper and Copperfield himself. After each participant (except Torque) commenting on his choices. Copperfield challenges Torque to battle him in order to determine which one is better at the craft of hunting. Copperfield teleports all over the places and usually relies on hiding behind the columns, shooting Torque with amazing precision while Maulers keep being summoned nearby. He may even teleport to the upper part of the Drowning Pool to snipe Torque and will hit him if he gets too close. Upon being shot enough times by Torque, Copperfield will fall to the ground and his own Maulers will start devouring his body. He is never seen again after the battle. 


Copperfield is a tall male with short curly black hair wearing a red bloody leather jacket, greyish pants with leather cartridge belts with ammunition for his Remington 1870 rifle equipped with a sniper scope. His spirit has been morphed with accordance to his deeds and personality. Leather straps cover his body, with the ones on his face stretching his lips away to reveal his teeth, resembling a dog muzzle. The skin of his body seems rough, mangled and scarred with several leather straps and even a monstrous eye seen on his chest. His neck is also bound with a fanged dog collar.


Copperfield is a determined, relentless and ruthless individual. However, he is also shown to be partially a by-product of his time, believing that his accomplishments were for the greater good and were fueled by "honorable causes". He always speaks in a very composed manner and sees Torque as a formidable hunter who could even challenge him. Aside from his calm demeanor, Copperfield had a lot darker side, since he was obviously receiving some kind of a twisted pleasure from his quarry's fear and misery. He was an opportunist who would send his dogs to devour the bounty-less slaves for his own entertainment. Copperfield's relationship with his hounds at the first sight seems to lack any fondness or empathy, but he sometimes despises Torque for killing them and talks to them passionately on rare occasions. He both loved and detested slaves for their fear and animalistic nature, viewing them merely as a more complex prey. He is quite dignified and self-sufficient, always doing everything by himself and hating low-life miserable people, never runs away from danger, always abides the law (he mentioned that when politicians changed it on him) and was not absolutely merciless, sometimes removing his slave's chains just to see which of them would run and which would stay. His final words before being devoured by his Maulers may indicate that deep inside he either wanted his obsessive life come to an end or experience what the slaves he has slaughtered came through. While being eaten alive, he was completely silent.  


Each man has the tools of his trade. Mine just happen to be living, and hungry.
~ Copperfield about Maulers.
My aim was always true. To this day, I have never lost a slave, not even the great great grandson of a runaway.
~ Copperfield after shooting Miles.
My quarry always thought they could evade me. But they could not hide forever. Persistence always prevails in the end, particularly for those with honorable causes.
~ Copperfield after killing a black man in an alcohol shop.
The simplest way to bend an animal to your will is to take away its food. When a beast gets hungry enough, it will do anything you desire just for something to eat. But one must be careful; deny it too long, and it may bite you back.
~ Copperfield about his training habits.
There are different kinds of hunger. On the few occasions my quarry eluded me, I found that just made me hungrier to catch it. In the end, nothing can escape me. Nothing can run forever.
~ Copperfield
You think you can escape me? Then what have you got to fear? My quarry was always paralyzed by their fear.
~ Copperfield encouraging Torque to jump down into the Drowning Pool.
You are a consummate professional, and your choices mean our final confrontation is inevitable. Now we must determine which of us is better at our craft. We will leave no doubt.
~ Copperfield before fighting Torque.
It has been a pleasure pursuing a prey as worthy as you. But every hunt must come to an end. I do suspect there might be a runaway in your family tree. Who were your people? Do you even know? Who owned your grandfather? Your great grandmother? It is likely that I was once commissioned by their master... If that is true, this is a generational hunt. The ending will be sweet, but also sad. Your beloved, Carmen, her ancestors I knew. Before you, they were my greatest hunt. They always escaped together, it made them easier to trap. They refused to separate, even to save their own hides. Carmen's great great grandparents I returned to their rightful owner. Five times. The sixth time they escaped, the swamp must have claimed them. Because we never found a trace. And as we know, I never lost a prey.
~ Copperfield during the battle.
I do not need you to seek so much as to eat!
~ Copperfield
Eat as much as you want, my hunter-killers! We are not being compensated for this quarry.
~ Copperfield talking to his hounds during the battle.
So now... I know... the feeling...
~ Copperfield before being devoured by his hounds.


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