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Corey Brent is a recurring antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He appeared as a supporting antagonist in both 2019 and 2020 before becoming the show's main antagonist in 2021.

He was portrayed by Maximus Evans.


Corey Brent first appeared in Weatherfield as a student at the local high-school. He was classmates with fellow student Asha Alahan and the pair began dating, though at times he would cause trouble to the point where he attempts to get her to trust him more. Moreover, Asha's brother Aadi and their father Dev both distrust Corey due to his rebellious nature. As such, Asha's best-friend Amy Barlow is thoroughly skeptical towards Corey because of this.

In 2021, Corey's disreputable activities took at it's worst when he and his friend Eli Higginson went out fellow teenagers Kelly Neelan and Summer Spellman. They are soon joined by young adults Nina Lucas and her boyfriend Seb Frankin. At first things got out of hand when Kelly was dared to slap Nina and she did, prompting her and Seb to start heading back home. However, Corey and his associates later followed them before proceeding to attack them in a hate crime. Both Nina and Seb were consequently rushed to hospital; though Nina recuperates, Seb is unfortunately brain dead and he dies in the arms of his grieving mother Abi.

Following his role in Nina's hospitalization and Seb's death, Corey feigned remorse for what has happened to Asha in an attempt to convince her that he was not involved. Asha soon learns otherwise from Nina, however, but decides to make it appear that she still trusts Corey in order to try and catch him off guard. In the meantime, Corey implicates Kelly as the instigator behind the attack and Kelly is arrested before getting charged with the crime. Corey is later taken in for questioning; though Eli is also charged for GBH, Corey is released without charge and is told by his father Stefan that he'll get out of the situation by all means.

At Seb's funeral, Corey secretly expresses his lack of remorse for what has happened. Abi spots Corey mocking over Seb's death and contemplates on attacking him, but is stopped by Asha. Later on, Asha drugs Corey and attempts to find evidence of his involvement in his phone. Corey discovers her betrayal and goes out of the flat, but collapses on the stairs and is rushed to hospital. Corey is then visited by the police again and gets charged for his role in Nina's attack and Seb's death, but is granted bail thanks to Stefan's assistance.

Soon afterwards, Nina confronts Corey and he later hassles her with threats before getting arrested by policeman Craig Tinker on suspicion of breaking his bail conditions.

Flashbacks were revealed that Kelly didn't kill Seb and it was Corey who kicked him to death. She tried to stop him but she did not manage to. During the trial, Stefan bribed people to tell the court that Corey is a good lad and would never hurt anyone. Corey also coerced his pal, Eli, to lie in court and say he heard Corey telling Kelly to stop kicking him, making Kelly look guilty.

In a bad twist, Kelly was found guilty and was later given a life sentence. Meanwhile, Corey was found not guilty as he gave a mocking wink to Abi while leaving the court with Stefan

This led Abi on buying a gun to kill Corey, Nina and Roy wanted to stop her but they didn't. She followed Corey into a haunted house and after he pushed her to a wall, she pointed the gun at him and let out a warning shot. He started begging for her not to kill him, but they both fell into a sinkhole which led to Corey grabbing the gun as he tells Abi he would be happy to become a serial killer.

He tries to shoot her but the bullet misses. She then picks up the gun and then Corey starts crying as he confesses to killing Seb. Afterwards, Roy stops her from shooting and saves them both. When the police asked him if he saw Abi with a gun, he said no.

Later on, Nina and Asha found out that a homeless man called Stu Carpenter had found Corey's rucksack with his blood stained clothes inside. He blackmails Corey into paying him for the bag. Corey bribes him with £500 but then realises the clothes with Seb's blood were not in there. They are in the hands of the police. Stefan and Corey make fake passports and attempt to leave to Germany but are brought to the police by local resident Gary Windass. Thereupon Corey is charged with Seb's murder again and is likely to be found guilty this time.

Corey pleaded guilty to his crimes which led to Kelly being released from prison.


  • The storyline where Corey and his associates brutally attack Nina and Seb, to the point where the latter gets killed-off in the process, was inspired by a real-life incident surrounding the Murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007.
  • Maximus Evans (the actor who played Corey Brent) won the "Villain of the Year" category at the 2022 British Soap Awards ceremony.