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Corky is a cranky, evil, violent, bad-tempered drug lord of a drug-dealing family in the movie Fresh.

He was portrayed by Ron Brice.

His operations are based in Williamsburg (we can see the Williamsburg Bridge approach if you pay close attention to the background; throughout the beginning). He is undeniably nasty and evil as well. He even gets snarky with Fresh, giving him crap about asking for due money, when Fresh says, "And you know I ain't gonna be getting in Jake's Face like that." When Fresh asks for more money, while he gives it to them, it's not without showing arrogance to him at first (his bros certainly laugh at him): "So instead you get in mine?" He is outright frightening in such a way that puts Rodney Little of Clockers to shame, and it manifests in his voice: "Ni**a cut into my shit, know that shit is mine than tries to sell it without cutting me in? That shit is my problem! And we gonna pay my problem a visit and solve it." He gets nasty when someone is taking their turn and says, "I don't give a fuck what it is?" He even has no qualms about beating a boy with chains because of his disloyalty, as he threatened to do to Fresh. He even has a mean side to him, in which he humiliates Fresh by smacking him in the face just as he's interrogating him. Respect is not something Corky seems to have. When Jake and Red are accused of double-crossing Corky, he seems to enjoy beating them:


Corky: "So you gonna be the man, Jake?" (beats with chain) "You gonna be the man, huh?" (beats with chain) You gonna be the man!"

(beats the chain)

Red: "Yo Corky!"

(beats with chain)

Corky: "Yo" (beats with chain) "Red" (beats again) "Jake's the man now and you his number one G" (beats) "his number" (beats again) "one" (beats again) "G" (beats for the last time).

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