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Cormorant was a DC Comics villain from the 1980s and a villain who made his mark as an enemy of Batgirl - despite not being mentioned in modern media, Cormorant was actually one of Batgirl's most brutal, despicable opponents and nearly made her give up her mantle out of fear: though his brutality would also ultimately inspire her to defy her fear and fight against him to ensure innocents could be saved.


Cormorant was an underworld assassin with a fearsome reputation, a cold-blooded psychopath and bully he was tasked with killing Batgirl, having already personally killed over 75 other targets in a "perfect record".

Cormorant showed his dangerous nature when he lynched a dummy in a Batgirl costume, and told the police that it was rigged to explode if anybody but Batgirl approached. He then laid in ambush, taking a schoolgirl he had taken as a hostage with him.

During the conflict Cormorant seemingly killed Batgirl but the bullets only succeeded in breaking her arm, she narrowly managed to hide and used the dummy as a decoy - tricking Cormorant into seeing her "body" hit the pavement after a 18-stories fall.

Following this traumatic experience Batgirl became afraid and wanted to retire but eventually psyched herself up into confronting Cormorant again - to her relative surprise the madman surrendered, being a superstitious man and cowardly by nature he believed Batgirl had returned from the dead to get revenge.

Despite  Cormorant finally being locked away his crimes continued to have consequences as Batgirl became less active and feared running into the assassin again, likewise the school girl he had kidnapped remained deeply traumatized and

Cormorant’s attack had long-term consequences. The little girl who had been held hostage remained traumatized and suffered somatic diplegia.

Cormorant would return later to haunt Batgirl when she became involved in a case concerning his wife, who had long been abused, working with the serial-killer known as Slash to avenge women - ultimately Slash would kill Cormorant in her own dying moments, ironically to save Batgirl, thus finally ending Cormorant's threat once and for all.


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