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Judge Cornelius Holden is one of the minor antagonists in Mafia III, he is the main antagonist of mission The Poor Sumbitch. He is a corrupt judge and the important asset to Marcano Crime Family, as he was the one able to legalize Sal Marcano's gambling over New Bordeaux.

He was voiced by Richard Epcar, who also voiced Joker in Injustice.


Judge Holden was a Judge in the Fifth Circuit Court of Louisiana, and he was elected as Judge in 1951. Despite as a well-known judge to the public, he was a very corrupt man, as he let Sal Marcano to bribe him, meanwhile Sal's brother, Lou makes sure that Holden get what he wants, which were hookers, drugs and booze, also providing him protection.

Holden was also revealed to be a white supremacist, during The Poor Sumbitch, he was overheard that he'll acquit Hollis Dupree, a white veteran who was convicted of killing two black men, and the reason was that Holden believes a white man has a right to defend his home.

When Sal started his plans of building a casino and legalizing gambling in the city, he told Lou to make Holden try to legalize gambling for them. However in 1968, Holden was not very cooperative with Lou and was frightened due to Lincoln Clay's attacks on Lou's rackets and henchmen.

Even though Lou offered Holden his best men and bodyguards to keep him safe, Holden didn't listen and tried to escape French Ward in a convoy of three cars that were full of his bodyguards. Unfortunately, Lincoln managed to track Holden down and assassinated him.


  • Holden had a similar role of Judge Hillwood, as they both work for the mob and were related to court cases.


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