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Cornelius P. Bodfel III, also known as Karcist Sulkisk, was a supporting antagonist in the universe of the SCP Foundation. He was an American millionaire industrialist who secretly led Adytum's Wake, a branch of Sarkicism, who was responsible for the creation of SCP-2480.



Cornelius P. Bodfel III was born 1866  in ███████, Massachusetts, a coastal and heavily forested town. He grew up in Bodfel Manor, and was indoctrinated into the Sarkic faith, in which became known as Karcist Sulkisk. He even owned a handwirtten copy of the Valkzaron, the grimoire of the Sarkicism and a statue of the deity Yaldabaoth.

He also likely had connections with the Durand-family, as his surname appears in the name of the Durant Bodfel Financial Group.

Over time he led the Adytum's Wake, a group of American Neo-Sarkites, who openly appeared as a standard upper class-secret society, but in secret they would host ritual orgies that included rape, pedophilia, human sacrifice, and cannibalism.

These events were meticulously documented with journals and photographs. Members of the group consisted of respected politicians, leaders of industry, and religious authority.

Creation of SCP-2480

On November 28, 1952 Bodfel Manor and his cult tried to summon Grand Karcist Ion, the deified leader of Sarkicism. The ritual was interrupted by agents of the Global Occult Coalition, who tried to kill the Grand Karcist. Exactly what happened is unknown, but the Sorcerer-King of Adytum came into mortal realm, and all cultists and agents were killed in the process, including Bodfel himself, likely due to implosion, disintegration, and fatal physical reconfiguration.

The town of ███████ and Bodfel Manor was then turned into SCP-2480, a gateway for otherwordly eldritch abominations to enter Earth. The SCP Foundation currently presume this gateway to have been neutralised following the capture of SCP-2480-1.


It was long thought that Bodfel's death ended the reign of Adytum's wake, but it appears that group has reformed in modern times, under leadership of of Vivian Durant-Croÿ and her husband Alexander Croÿ.


  • He is a possible worshipper of Yaldabaoth, having a statue of the deity in his house.


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