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Wow, this sauce is f--king amazing! You said it was promoting a movie?
~ Daniel after trying the McDonalds' McNugget Szechaun sauce.

Cornvelious Daniel is the main antagonist in the Rick & Morty episode "The Rickshank Rickdemption". He was a Gromflomite tasked with interrogating Rick Sanchez's brain in order to find the formula for Inter-Dimensional Travel (The Portal Gun).

He was voiced by Nathan Fillion, who also voiced Preston Northwest in Gravity Falls.


He appears in the episode where he is inside of Rick's brain attempting to obtain the formula for inter-dimensional travel by taking Rick through his own memories to discover when he created the portal gun. Rick eventually takes him to a memory of a younger version of himself creating a teleportation gun when another Rick appears attempting to convince him to create the portal gun to which he refuses. The young Rick decides to give up his life of science and his wife and daughter Beth appear and were about to go and get ice cream before the two were destroyed sending the young Rick into despair which convinced him to finish the portal gun, Rick watches on in sadness while Daniel celebrates and contacts his comrades to get him out of Rick's mind. Rick then reveals to Daniel that the memory was created by him to trick Daniel, Rick then transferred his own mind to Daniel's body leaving Daniel's conscious inside of Rick's body where he was presumably killed. Whatever was left of Daniel was destroyed when D-99 Rick shot Rick's body during an assassination attempt of C137-Rick from SEAL team Ricks. Daniel's body was then abandoned by Rick and was destroyed after D-99's conscious was put inside of it. The Galactic Federation then crumbled afterwards shortly followed by the Council of Ricks just as Rick had planned all along.



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