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That's it! I've got him! I've got him!
~ Edwards after he shoots Two Socks.

Corporal Edwards is a supporting antagonist in Kevin Costner's 1990 film Dances with Wolves. He is a U.S. Army corporal who, along with Spivey, stole John Dunbar's journal. He was also responsible for killing Two Socks, Dunbar's wolf companion.

He was portrayed by Kirk Baltz.


Like the other Union soldiers, Edwards is a sadistic jerk who took pleasure in mistreating Dunbar and killing Two Socks for sport as well as planning to massacre a Sioux tribe. He is friends with Spivey and just like him, he is also illiterate and kept Dunbar's journal for themselves. Despite Dunbar explaining the importance of his journal, he denied having known anything about it and didn't even consider returning it to him, despite knowing that Dunbar is going to be executed without the evidence, proving his great selfishness.


When he and Spivey arrive at Fort Sedgewick with the U.S. Army, they come across a journal belonging to John Dunbar. Due to them being illiterate, they decide to keep it for themselves and hide it from the other soldiers.

When Dunbar realizes he left his journal at Fort Sedgewick, he returns to get it to prevent the army from knowing his whereabouts, only to find the fort occupied by the army. The soldiers immediately kill his horse, Cisco and they arrest him as a traitor.

The soldiers take Dunbar to one of the bunkhouses, where Bauer and Spivey guard him. When Dunbar wakes up, Bauer orders Spivey to inform the Major. Lieutenant Elgin and the Major arrive and they interrogate Dunbar. Dunbar informs them about his orders in his journal and they head out to investigate. Spivey claims that he hasn't seen the journal and they ask Edwards, but he denies it and they return with no evidence.

After Dunbar refused to be given a second chance to be allowed back into the army by guiding him to the Sioux camps, Bauer takes him to the river to wash the blood off his face, while Spivey watches from the bushes with Dunbar's journal using it as toilet paper. Edwards comes by and asks Spivey to give him some of the pages to use as toilet paper as Spivey tosses one to him.

When the soldiers decide to have Dunbar hanged back at Fort Hayes for desertion, they leave Fort Sedgewick and carry him with them on the journey to the fort. During the trip, Edwards notices Two Socks standing on a hill and the soldiers open fire. Dunbar attacks Spivey in defense, but Bauer hits him with his rifle. Edwards and the other soldiers continue shooting at Two Socks until Edwards manages to mortally wound the wolf. Spivey proceeds to kick Dunbar, while Edwards and another soldier get off the wagon off to retrieve Two Socks' corpse. However, Lt. Elgin stops them from going any further, much to his frustration and they head back to the wagon, unaware that the Sioux warriors are waiting on the other side of the hill, indicating that Two Socks sacrificed himself to save them from getting caught in their attempt to rescue Dunbar.

The soldiers stop at a river and one of the soldiers checks to see any ambushes, while Edwards and Spivey taunt Dunbar. The soldiers continue moving across the river until they receive a surprise attack by the Sioux warriors. Lt. Elgin is killed and the soldiers try to retaliate, but Dunbar knocks them off the wagon. Edwards is being chased by Big Warrior and tries to flee, but one of the other warriors jumps off the cliff onto him. Big Warrior comes and they attack Edwards. Edwards calls for Bauer to help him, but he runs away as he is pummeled to death, while Spivey is drowned by Dunbar. However, Bauer gets killed by Smiles A Lot before he could escape and the warriors pull the journal out of Spivey's pocket before throwing it into the river.

Despite the victory, Dunbar realizes that his presence will endanger the tribe, so he parts ways with them and leaves with Stands With A Fist, but not before Smiles A Lot gives him his journal. The U.S. Army and their Pawnee scouts arrive at the camp, only to find that the Sioux have left. It is stated that 13 years later, the last band of free Sioux was forced to surrender to the United States Government and live within white society.



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