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Victoria Tennant as Carrine Dollanganger in the 1987 adaption of Flowers in the Attic

Corrine Dollanganger is one of the main character and the main antagonist of the novel Flowers in The Attic, and its 2014 remake and the main antagonist in the 2014 film adaptation Petal On The Wind.

She was portrayed by Victoria Tennant - who also portrayed Aunt Lydia in the film adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale - in the 1987 film adaptation, and by Heather Graham in the 2014 remake.


In the year 1957, Cathy Dollanganger is twelve years old and the second of four children (including her older brother, Chris, who is fourteen years old, and fraternal twins, Carrie and Cory, who are five). They live in Gladstone, Pennsylvania with their parents, Christopher and Corrine. Their father works at a PR firm while their mother stays home to care for them. Their idyllic lifestyle ends when their father dies in a car accident on his 36th birthday.

. She does declare that one day, she will get her vengeance. At the time of their escape, in November 1960, Chris is nearly 18 years old, Cathy is 15 years old, and Carrie is 8 years old.

During the event of third book, she wants to reconcile with Cathy and Chris as well as asks them for forgiveness for everything she had done, despite their protest. In one last act of redemption, she saves Cathy from a fire in their house caused by a treacherous butler named John Amos and dies of heart failure. In the end, she finally earns her redemption from Cathy and Chris after all.


  • In the 2014 remake version, both Olivia and her daughter Corrine are not Pure Evil. Corrine redeems himself at the end of the series saving his daughter from a fire that victimizes her. Olivia, for her part, shows an abomination for Corrine's attempted murder of her children.

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