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The Corroder is a supporting antagonist in the video game Clock Tower 3, and the second subordinate encountered in the game. He used various chemicals and acidic gases to torture his victims. He was actually based on a real life murderer, John Haighs (a.k.a. The Acid Bath Murderer).


John Haighs, as the Corroder, would pretend to be a relative to an aging citizen and would scam them out of their pensions before murdering them. He would also kill Albert Rand and Dorothy Rand, by blinding them with acid, then melting them in a jar of it. He had 31 victims and was sentenced to 605 years.

After he was resurrected, under the orders of Lord Burroughs, he tried to kill Alyssa Hamilton. She travelled to his 1953 London and watched as he killed Albert and Dorothy. He then chased her throughout the city, until they reached a power generator room and she acquired her bow and arrow. Alyssa killed Corroder, retrieved Dorothy's shaul, and let Albert and Dorothy rest in peace.


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