Corroder is a criminal and a villain from the Hero Factory series.

He was voiced by Charlie Adler.


Corroder's Past

Much of Corroder's pre-criminal history is unknown. What is known is Corroder as a green lizard-like creature that could spit corroding saliva. As a criminal, Corroder was most known for destroying the Thermo-Dam on the planet Cygnia. Corroder traveled the galaxy as a fugitive on the run from Hero Factory.

Hired by Von Nebula

Corroder (Hero Factory)

Corroder in the TV series

Years later, Corroder was recruited by Von Nebula, a rogue hero, in his plan to destroy his nemesis, Stormer. Later, Corroder traveled to Tantalus 5 and attacked the construction site of Penitentiary 1331, injuring many workers in the process. However, heroes Stringer and Bulk arrived to stop Corroder. Surge arrived soon after and shocked Corroder with lightning, but Corroder blasted him with acid and sent a pillar falling on top of him and Bulk, but Furno merged and attacked Corroder. During their fight, both noticed a hero ship heading towards the site, to which Furno asked if Corroder could take on ten heroes at once. Corroder refused to be humiliated by the heroes anymore and created a smokescreen, giving him enough time to escape. After escaping, Corroder reported the encounter to Von Nebula, who responded that Corroder was successful and Furno bluffed.

Destroying Alpha Team

Later, Corroder participated in an attack on New Stellac City with his fellow comrades, but were confronted the heroes. Stormer and Furno faced Nebula while Corroder engaged in battle with Surge, who survived his previous defeat at his hands. Despite his best efforts, Corroder was defeated by Surge. Meanwhile, Nebula was defeated by Stormer and his fellow criminals were defeated by the other heroes. After his defeat, Corroder and his comrades were taken to the center of the galaxy in Makuhero City, where he was incarcerated.


He and his comrades escaped through Von Nebula's Black Hole Vortex with the help of Voltix.

Back in Storage

He and the remaining villains were re-captured again in the Brain Attack event.

Traits & Abilities

He aspire to be a leader and no longer serve as servant of Von Nebula, he knows to remain quite and wait for his chance to take over as "head boss." Also, he is clever, devious and insane with his acidic abilities.

His choice of weapons are two Acid Blasters, Meteor Blaster, Acid Spit and his horn on his nose.


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