The Corrupturas, also sometimes collectively known as the Corruptura, are creatures that upon contact with the face of any being, can control it in the animated series Ben 10. Normally they are thrown to the opponent by Vladat's and created in their bodies.

The Corrupturas are diamond shaped with one eye, little horns, and bat-like wings. Lord Transyl's Corrupturas are red with purple eyes, while Whampire's Corrupturas are dark green with light green eyes.

Powers and Abilities

When spat out by a Vladat, a Corruptura affixes itself on the forehead of a being, thus giving the Vladat control of that being. The victim is still conscious and aware of his/her actions, but have no control over his/her physical body. Basically the victim becomes an unwilling puppet.

Another property is the fact that the Vladat can control multiple beings at once, with Lord Transyl being able to control the majority of Anur Transyl's population and Whampire taking command of Zs'Skayr's three henchmen.


  • Corrupturas are unable to control creatures they cannot stick to, such as Hobble and his species (as their bodies secrete a protective layer of mucus), or other species with wet or slippery skin.
  • If a species is able to become intangible before being struck by them, (such as Ectonurites), the Corruptura will pass straight through them, but they can still control an Ectonurite if it is caught off guard.
  • Corrupturas are quite fragile, as Dr. Viktor easily crushed one.
  • Corrupturas must affix to the forehead in order for the Vladat to properly control the being.
  • Corrupturas can miss the target or the target evading the Corruptura.
  • If the Vladat is exposed to enough light, their Corrupturas will break, thus freeing the victims.
  • In the case of Whampire, once the Omnitrix times out, his Corrupturas will automatically break apart.



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  • Corruptura are generated in the bodies of Vladat's.
  • Their name is based on the word "corrupt."
  • The way that Corruptura control other beings through attaching to their faces makes them similar to the Krana from the Bionicle series.
    • They are also highly reminiscent of Starro the Conqueror's starfish spores (from the Justice League comics and the Batman: The Brave and The Bold cartoon) in form and function, right down to the single eye dominating the victims' faces.


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