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Corvax is the main villain of the animated language course film duology Muzzy & Muzzy Comes Back.

He is voiced by Derek Griffiths.


Corvax is the vizier of the king of Gondoland. He is a slimy, sinister green goblin who who is deeply in love with Princess Sylvia. He also has a computer lab which he uses to carry out his wicked deeds. When Corvax finds out about Bob and Sylvia's secret relationship, he becomes jealous and reveals to the king and queen that the two have been seeing each other. Bob, as a result, is arrested and taken to prison. Corvax tries to take Sylvia as his own but she rejects him. Disheartened, he decides to instead create a clone of Sylvia, but she rejects him as well. He smashes his computer in a fit of rage, which makes more clones of the princess, all of whom want nothing to do with him. Afterwards, Corvax fixes his computer but, he also ends up making more clones of Sylvia. The king recklessly tries to stop the computer from making clones but causes a malfunction which traps him inside instead. Bob, who has escaped with Muzzy, helps the royal family free the king from the computer. Corvax manages to escape in his helicopter, but Bob arrives and knocks him out cold. The latter is taken away to prison, the clones go back into the computer, and Bob and Sylvia are married.

In Muzzy Comes Back, Corvax has been reduced to a lowly cook for the castle. He persuades a thief named Thimbo to help him kidnap Bob and Sylvia's daughter, Amanda, who he plans to marry in order to insert himself back into royalty. In the end, however, he is outwitted and arrested once again.


Corvax is treacherous, manipulative, and prone to violent outbursts. He mostly maintains a calm demeanor, and when things don't go his way he'll try and make it happen one way or another.


  • Corvax has some similarities to Jafar in Aladdin, since both have secret labs and are bent on marrying a princess for their own gain.
  • His voice, mannerisms, and personality are reminiscent of SkekTek and SkekSil in The Dark Crystal.
  • Corvax is a near-dead ringer for the Thief from The Thief and the Cobbler, a movie that was, at the time the original Muzzy special was released, was still in development. It's likely one of the Muzzy animators worked with Richard Williams (based on when Muzzy in Gondoland came out, it was likely during production of Raggedy Anne and Andy: A Musical Spectacular) and, at some point, was privvy to the development of the long-delayed film, saw what the Thief looked like, and used the design (with some tweaks) for Corvax.
    • His personality is also very similar to Zigzag from the same movie, as they are both viziers who are bent on marrying a princess.