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The Corvidae are two demonic sisters who act as the primary antagonists of the 2017 crossover comic saga of Wonder Woman / Conan, a co-op between DC comics and Dark Horse comics.


Anive and Lila are a pair of inter-dimensional creatures, possibly of demonic origin, claiming to have existed for thousands of years they started to become degenerate due to their great age and power - this boredom made the sisters plan a new way to entertain themselves via arranging extremely destructive fights between warriors of note, watching in amusement at the bloodshed and chaos.

The Corvidae were not restricted by time or space and thus often had fighters from different realities cross over and fight one another - further adding to their potential for chaos, they took to keeping relics from these fights in their nests as trophies of sorts (it was thus suggested that this "nest" was in fact the Corvidae's own dimension).

The sisters would arrange for Wonder Woman and Conan to fight one another, in order to ensure the battle would be more "fun" they removed Wonder Woman's demigod powers and memories but due to events outside even the sisters' control Conan and Diana would ally with one another rather than fight to the death.

This infuriated the Corvidae and they decided to slaughter an entire village as "punishment", yet were further complicated when the Amazons crossed over into Conan's world to rescue Diana - in the process they also attacked the Corvidae.

After much struggle the Corvidae would be defeated by Conan and Wonder Woman, who seemingly killed the vicious sisters once and for all - though due to their mystical nature one sister may well of survived and resurrected the other.. for now, however, they have yet to return to trouble the mortal realms.


The Corvidae are sadistic, dangerous entities of great power who have grown "bored" of their long life and near-divine power - as such they have devolved into chaotic beings ruled by their own whim and view other beings as playthings by which to occupy their thoughts : if these "playthings" refuse to fight for their amusement they become extremely vengeful and have no qualms with killing entire villages just to incite their original targets to fight.


  • Wonder Woman has fought crow-themed villains before in the form of the Crow-Children of Ares and thus her note of the Corvidae being "an Amazon problem" may of been a reference to these beings.
  • the sisters nest holds many relics from across many realities, one is said to be the "rock used in the first murder" - this could well be Cain's rock (used to kill Abel) or the equilevent from any number of realities.


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