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You have been wasting your time and ours attacking a bunch of kids across the street instead of building robotic henchmen! Our production scale is completely below quota! Why do you even feel the need to attack these kids in the first place?!
~ Cosma to Lord Boxman.
I like to assume this form for intergalactic travel. You see, I'm a bit of foodie. And in this form, it's easy to sample cuisine from around the universe. Just a perk of my molecular malleability.
~ Cosma explaining her powers to K.O. and Enid.

Cosma, or Ms. Cosma, is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Billiam Milliam) of OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes. She is an investor of Boxmore Inc. and a business partner aka boss of Lord Boxman. She is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Billiam Milliam) of Seasons 1 and 2 and a minor antagonist in Season 3.

During most of her appearances, she and her associates remain in the shadows supervising Lord Boxman's progress, making sure he doesn't waste resources and time in attacking Lakewood Plaza Turbo. It's not until the episode "Deep Space Vacation" where she demonstrates her uncommon powers and becomes a major threat to K.O. and Enid.

She is voiced by Marina Sirtis, who also portrayed Demona and Queen Bee in Young Justice, Mary Ann Eagin and Detective Inspector Walker in Gadgetman. In "Deep Space Vacation" she was voiced by Betsy Zajko


Cosma is a tall, reptilian creature with orange scales and large, prominent yellow eyes and a short snout. She also has medium-length tawny hair and two spikes on either side of her head protruding from beneath her hair. Her outfit consists of a sky-blue bodysuit with a slightly darker center wrapping around her waist. She also has a set of cerulean gloves, boots, and shoulder-pads of the same color. In her giant form, Cosma is a lot more muscular and has longer horns, hair and tail. For some reason, she doesn't wear her boots although she keeps wearing her gloves. Her voice has also a slight echo. When she is tiny she has a high pitched voice.


Stop Attacking the Plaza

In "Stop Attacking the Plaza", Cosma, along with Vormulax and Billiam Milliam, attend a meeting with Lord Boxman. As Boxman tries to run out to destroy the Plaza, Cosma snaps and berates him for constantly abandoning his job to attack "a bunch of kids across the street". Cosma then tells Boxman that his production sales are dropping and that, if he doesn't keep focus and get business back on track, she and the other investors will fire him. When Boxman points out that, as his investors, they can't technically fire him, Cosma states that they will stop investing in his company, meaning that it will go out of business. Cosma then challenges Boxman to not attack the Plaza for an entire day before leaving.

After his investors leave, Boxman states that Cosma should've given him a harder challenge, only to slowly realize that he has an obsession with attacking the Plaza. At the end of the episode, Cosma congratulates Boxman for (technically) not attacking the Plaza all day and decides to continue funding his company.

Villains' Night Out

Cosma appears in the episode "Villains' Night Out" where she's invited to attend a party being held by Billiam Milliom. There, she's with other villains such as Vormulax and other villains. There, she runs into Lord Boxman and is instantly annoyed at his presence and tries avoiding him at all costs due to the reputation he has among the other villains. As the night progresses, she finds herself almost vomitting from Boxman's bad singing and blows up the Moon to showcase her true powers. She later escapes along with most villains after P.O.I.N.T. Headquarters is attacked by Boxman in an attempt to impress Professor Venomous and fires upon the yacht nearly destroying it. She gets away while the remainder of the yacht is abandoned. The yacht is later destroyed by Boxman when he and Venomous escape.

You're in Control

In "You're in Control", Cosma is seen along with Billiam Milliom and Vormulax having a voice call with Boxman. She and the investors are pleased that Boxman's productivity has risen since the plaza hasn't been attacked wasting efforts. Once the call is over however, Boxman reveals he's planning a surprise attack with his most recent creation. Following Boxman Jr.'s death, Lord Boxman mourns his death along with the rest of the Boxman family. Then Darrell (dressed as sailor) comes in the room and turns the lights on, making Boxman threaten him with sending him to the furnace. Darrell gleefully says Boxman has a call to attend from someone.

When the screen appears, a furious Cosma appears yelling at Boxman. He nervously says that Boxmore is still working fine. But Cosma says it was working fine until the mass destruction caused by Boxman Jr. and T.K.O. during their fight, blaming him for the creation of the former as she proceeds to tell Boxman that he is fired by breathing fire through the screen at him. Boxman says he doesn't need the job anyway, but Cosma mentions she also meant getting fired from a cannon into the sun. Afterwards, the Boxman family wonder who their new "daddy" would be. Cosma says there's no need to worry, as she presents Darrell as the new CEO of Boxmore, having shown great loyalty to the brand.

In "Lord Cowboy Darrell", Cosma makes a cameo in the newspaper's front page along with Darrell after Boxmore's sales increased under his leadership, following the events of "You're in Control".

Boxman Crashes

Lord Boxman is found by Professor Venomous in trash bin outside his house after getting fired from Boxmore and decides to let him stay on his house feeling pity for him. Later, Venomous contacts Cosma and the investors in a video call regarding the recent amount of technos he got from threatening the Congress Woman with his doomsday ray. Cosma asks Venomous in what they should invest all that amount of technos. Venomous talks about the idea of investing in more weapons, and says he can threaten Congress Woman again into giving him even more, but Cosma believes it's way too risky to do such thing twice.

Cosma is last seen with the investors when Venomous buys Boxmore with the capital as a token of his gratitude to Boxman for reminding him of why he became a villain in the first place.

Deep Space Vacation

Cosma returns in "Deep Space Vacation" as the main antagonist of the episode. K.O and Enid travel through space to visit Rad and his home planet, Planet X. Once they arrive at the location however, they find themselves alone in an asteroid field. However, Enid notices a large figure hiding behind some asteroids who turns out to be a giant-sized Cosma. K.O. and Enid become worried of Cosma's presence and fear she will try to fight them, but she mentions she is taking a day off from work. K.O. wonders if that might be the reason she looks noticeably different from the depiction on her Pow Card. Cosma explains that she is a bit of a "foodie" and grows that size to be able to eat entire planets, all thanks to her "molecular malleability". Enid asks if she knows what happened with the Planet X. Cosma reveals that she found out recently about this planet having an special feast and went there to check out for herself. However, Cosma's hunger made her eat the whole planet in one chomp, leading both K.O. and Enid to panic at the thought that Rad and his family are now trapped inside Cosma.

As K.O. and Enid start thinking in a way to save Rad and co., Cosma takes a nap as in a big bed-shaped asteroid. She is soon awaken by the two heroes who brought her a good amount of space rocks she could eat and savor. Cosma felt contented with the meal K.O. and Enid reunited for her, but still refused to release Planet X from her stomach, enfuriating Enid who calls Cosma out for her callousness. This however, upsets Cosma who warns the two shouldn't bother someone after having enjoyed their feast or they would cause them a tummy ache. K.O. and Enid engage in battle with Cosma, but they prove to be no match for her as she literally swats them like flies with a giant fly swatter. They attack again this time throwing a small planet that hits her in the belly. This angers Cosma even more and slaps them with fury to a black hole. In there, K.O and Enid find out that Rad and his family are actually fine and didn't even notice they were in Cosma's stomach until now, and show little care for that as they continue enjoying the food.

This motivates both to leave the black hole and challenge Cosma once again, this time with their best efforts. But just when the battle was about to begin, Rad and his family proceeded to all immensely belch inside Cosma after finishing eating. This caused Cosma to feel rather uncomfortable and demanded K.O and Enid to tell her what they have done to her, but the latter are clueless of what is happening. The continuing belches levitated the planet through Cosma's body until reaching the mouth, where Cosma was forced to spit out the whole planet. After saving Planet X, a small being lands on K.O.'s hands who turns out to be a little Cosma. She protests one last time that the planet wasn't tasty at all and leaves.

In the episode "Big Reveal", Cosma makes a small cameo bowing in respect to Professor Venomous in a flashback along with other villains as he explains his origin story to K.O. and Carol.

Thank You for Watching the Show

Cosma returns again in the final episode of the series along with many other characters. During the time skips with different title cards for the unreleased episodes, Cosma abruptly appears eating K.O.'s attack and spitting it back at him. She is last seen again during the demonstration of the future events that the characters would go on to do. In one of them, Billiam Milliam bought the moon, but a giant Cosma suddenly appeared and ate the planet with Billiam and his henchmen still in and flies away.


Cosma is a no-nonsense type of woman who puts business ahead of all else. She finds herself impatient and annoyed with Boxman and his constant attacks against Lakewood Plaza and its heroes and views it as a useless waste of time that's costing money. She threatens Boxman with financial punishments in exchange for his cooperation and seeks to only further her business. Being a supervillain, Cosma hates heroes and seeks to destroy all of them, but lacks the passion and devotion that Boxman has when dealing with the plaza and its heroes.Most of Cosma's appearences in the episodes are where regarding Lord Boxman and financial matters, with the only exception being "Villain's Night Out" where she went to a party that Boxman ruined later on.

Cosma is cruel, uncaring and sadistic to anyone who tries to show some degree of disapproval for her heinous actions throughout the galaxy. This is demonstrated when she met K.O. and Enid personally. While she held a peaceful conversation with them (mainly because is her day off), she had no problem mentioning the part where she ate Planet X with Rad and his family still being there (although they never noticed about it). She also has presumably devoured an uncountable number of planets off-screen given her statements of being a bit of a foodie and using her giant form to feast on them, never thinking about the lives of the inhabitants she has killed while devouring planets. Cosma's ruthlessness is further proved when K.O. and Enid tried to give her some meal hoping she would return Planet X to its orbit, but she happily refused deciding to keep both the planet and the meal they have given her.

Although Cosma enjoys being on the evil side and is willing to resort for organized crime to benefit her business, she is smart enough to address the risks on some evil plans from other villains that could go horribly wrong. This is evident when Professor Venomous told about his idea of threatening Congress Woman one more time into giving him even more technos, she and her associates found the idea too risky even for someone like Venomous. Despite this, she has shown to have more respect for him than Lord Boxman and any of her associates given his influence on the evil business field.

Powers and Abilities

Cosma's Pow Card.

Just like many other supervillains in the show have powers and abilities each one differing from others, Cosma stands out from the rest for her exceptional abilities and unrivaled power, which only teases more the idea of what her power level on her Pow Card could be (since K.O. covered the power level number with his thumb when he was seeing her Pow Card back in Deep Space Vacation).

  • Molecular Malleability: She can manipulate objects. Her eyes turn purple and the object is involved in a purple beam, and then changes its location to where she wishes it to be. She can also use this power to shapeshift herself into different sizes as she wanted.
  • Firebreath: Cosma has the ability to breathe out streams of fire. The most prominent example of this ability is when she used it through a video screen and still burnt her target as demonstrated with Lord Boxman, meaning that she can fire at almost anyone.
  • Reality warping.
  • Matter ingestion: Cosma can ingest inedible matter such as planets, moons, and the energy from a power move. In the case of the power move, she regurgitated the energy in the form of an energy attack.


Well, in that case, I’m going to make you a wager. I challenge you to leave those kids alone and focus on your actual job for a full 24 hours. (Lord Boxman: Or?) Or you’re fired!
~ Cosma threatening Lord Boxman
Don’t attack the plaza for 24 hours, or you’re fired!
~ Cosma in Lord Boxman's mind
I have to say, Lord Boxman, I’m rather impressed with your restraint. You mad it the full 24 hours. Technically. The board is pleases with your progress. We expect production to be back on schedule shortly. Well done.
~ Cosma congratulating Boxman for resisting the urge of attacking the plaza
Ha. Watch this!
~ Cosma displays her special manipulation ability launching missiles to the moon blowing it up
Boxmore was running fine until your baby demolished it! You’re fired!
~ Cosma firing Lord Boxman
Now, now, there’s no need to worry, children. We have already found a suitable replacement. He’s shown great loyalty to the Boxmore brand, and we have full faith that he will be able set the company on the right path. Meet your new boss.
~ Cosma presenting Lord Cowboy Darrell
Well, well, well. I didn't think I'd encounter any heroes way out here.
~ Cosma meeting K.O. and Enid for the first time
When I heard they were having a once-in-a-lifetime feast, I knew I just had to see it for myself. But by the time I got all the way out here, I was so famished that I just ate the whole thing. (Enid: You mean, like, the whole... feast?) No, darling, the whole planet, of course.
~ Cosma telling K.O. and Enid why Planet X disappeared
Don't you know not to bother a lady until 30 minutes after she's eaten? You're gonna give me a tummy ache!
~ Cosma threatening K.O. and Enid
Nice try, chumps!
~ Cosma taunting K.O. and Enid


  • Although technically a minor character, Cosma is a bigger bad in the series, due to investing Boxmore Inc. and therefore allowing Boxman to continue making robots to attack the Plaza.
  • According to Danny Ducker, Cosma was designed with the intent to create a character one would find "in an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series". In addition, she is voiced by Marina Sirtis, who also played Counselor Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • The episode "Deep Space Vacation" marks the first time Cosma serves the role as main antagonist. She also meets K.O. and Enid personally, the heroes from the same plaza she has told Boxman to stop attacking.
  • Cosma has a striking resemblance with Bowser from the popular video game franchise Super Mario Bros., as both are redheaded dragons with yellow scales who can breath fire to attack and are the leaders of their own organizations. They also can grow immensely to become stronger on their own and have devoured individuals. They also can breath and fight in space and the heroes they fought are small and have a red, blue and white color palette (Mario and K.O.).
    • The episode Deep Space Vacation also has some references to the video game, Super Mario Galaxy including similar background music. The space rocks that K.O. and Enid bring to Cosma are also a reference to the star bits in the game.
  • Her concept art had her with different color palettes including the idea of her hair being actually a wig she uses to cover her bald head.
  • It is possible that Cosma was going to have her own episode later on called "Cosma Time" as shown in the final episode.
  • According to Ian Jones-Quartey, Cosma completely sheds her skin every 4–6 weeks, which explains her ageless appearance.


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