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The Cosmic Powers are a group of artificial intelligence created by Chrovos who manipulate other races into believing they are gods. Although some members are benevolent by nature, the overall group serves as the secondary antagonistic faction in Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox.



Many years ago, Chrovos and the Titans created the Cosmic Powers to enforce his will by tricking the other races into believing they were gods. However, the Cosmic Powers, not wanting to serve them, rebelled against their makers, killing most of the Titans and imprisoning Chrovos.

The Shisno Paradox

After Donut is influenced by Chrovos through Loco's time machine, the Cosmic Powers fear the beginning of the end times as prophesized. After Donut gives the Reds and Blues time guns to "fix the past", Kalirama attacks them with the intention of killing them. The Reds and Blues, however, escape through portals created by their new time guns.

After Kalirama's failure, King Atlus has Muggins track down Tucker and Sister, appearing before them at their new base on Iris. After offering mercy in return for the time guns, Tucker and Sister mock Atlus, not believing him to be real. When he attempts to smite them, he realizes they truly are under Chrovos' protection, and summons his warrior Grog to fight them. After Grog is defeated, Atlus summons Grog's wife before the two escape.

Huggins later reports to Atlus that the Reds and Blues know nothing about Chrovos or the effect the time guns are having, and suggests meeting with the Reds and Blues. After persuasion from Kalirama, Atlus agrees to meet them. Once they are all assembled, they explain their history with Chrovos. They leave out the part about them being AI, but Simmons quickly figures it out. The Cosmic Powers give them the Hammer, the only thing capable of resealing Chrovos.

However, things get worse as Donut steals the Hammer from them and Genkins, who is secretly a traitor, kills Huggins after she tries to warn Atlus that the Reds and Blues went back in time to prevent Washington from being shot. These bad turn of events awakens the Fates from their slumber, with Destiny warning that the end is near.


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