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The Cosmic Punks were minor villains in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. They were a gang who declared themselves as Judges in Sector 44 south side and made it a no-go area for Judges.

After Judge Cal's death, some areas of Mega-City One became completely crime-ridden with criminals no longer fearing the Judges, with the worst one being the Cosmic Punks, who took over Sector 44 south side and made it a no-go area for Judges. They "arrest" a man for coming into there district without paying his toll and Gestapo Bob Harris, the "Chief Judge" finds him guilty and sentences him to giving Bob everything he owns and he was stripped to only his underwear. At the Hall of Justice, they were initially going to organise an assault squad of about fifty men to deal with the Cosmic Punks but Dredd insists on going alone to strike fear back into the hearts of criminals. At night, at the Cosmic Punks' barricade, the perps notice a garbage truck approaching and then see that it's Judge Dredd. They attempt to shoot him but they were all taken down by Dredd and were handcuffed among the garbage. Dredd then enters there building and effortlessly takes out all of the perps and then storms into the heart of the building with the garbage truck and takes down all of the perps. He then forces Bob to yell "I'm a cheap punk!" and then places the entire gang into the garbage truck and takes them to the Cursed Earth. He then removes their citizenship and banishes them into the Cursed Earth for ten years, with them begging for mercy when he closes the door.

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