~ Mr. Cosmo Spacely's catchphrase.

Mr. Cosmo Spacely is the overall main antagonist of the Jetsons franchise.

He was voiced by the late Mel Blanc in the series, and Jeff Bergman in the film.


The mean-spirited boss of George Jetson and business rival of Spencer Cogswell, Spacely, like the stereotypical portrayal of bad bosses, is verbally aggressive towards his employees, demanding and greedy. He is also a man who is fond of making his employee's lives miserable even outside work, having a keen interest in George's private affairs, whether it be forcing him to do a task with nothing in return, punishing him for mistakes either of them made, blinding George from his family, or simply thieving tickets out of George's hands as if they were gifts just so he could cooperate. Mostly he usually threatened or fires George every episode and re-hires him every episode.

The only reason why he usually re-hires George or never officially fire him for good is mostly no one can run the RUDI computer and that is the only way Spacely makes money on his sprockets is the RUDI computer. That explains why he always re-hires George. Mostly, he is very cheap, selfish and greedy. He also hates surprises, especially from George.

Although perhaps not a true villain, he is nevertheless a character that has been consistently aggressive and antagonistic throughout his stay in the series - he was a particular antagonist in Jetsons: The Movie, in which he willingly endangered the entire population of an underground society on an asteroid to extinction just to keep his business running. Even after the issue was resolved for both parties, he almost demoted George to his old job but instead cut his salary.

Cosmo is also a minor villain in the Flintstones / Jetsons crossover special - where he exploits the time-tossed Flintstones in order to try and profit from their misfortunes.


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