Aimee Cooper, aka Cosmo Stratus, is a villain in the Totally Spies episode Astro-Not. Bizarre tide patterns popping up around the world prompt Jerry to have Sam, Alex and Clover investigate. They find that the culprit is a beam from outer space, clearly aimed at Earth for sinister intentions. Further investigation leads the spies to Aimee, who was kicked out of the space program for having mental problems. Now, in an effort to get revenge on the world, she's using a high-tech device to remove gravity from Earth, if she can't go to outer space, she'll bring outer space to Earth. It's up to the spies to stop her before they, along with everyone and everything else on the planet, end up in space. 

She was voiced by Ashley Tisdale.


Cosmo is insane, but also quite smart, and is bitter after being kicked out of the space program, and she only wanted to go to space. She can't take rejection well at all, and is dangerous due to her insanity and fury.

Physical Appearance

Cosmo has neon pink/purple hair, blue eyes and fair skin. 


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