Really, the Grim Reaper! What a joke.
~ Cosney Megundal, directed at Barok van Zieks
Cosney Megundal is the overarching antagonist of Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken. He was a well-known businessman and philanthropist during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's time in London. He was also Naruhodō's first client. His actions affected the entire plot and led to Robert Crogley's actions.

A phony philanthropist 

Working as a loan shark, Megundal acquired his wealth through the outrageous interest rates on his client's loans. The amount of money he received from his heinous business means he could act as a philanthropist and donate some of it to London's commercial areas in order to make it look like he was a legit businessman and kind philanthropist. This made him a celebrity in London and was well-liked by the populace who were unaware of his true self.

Events prior to his death

   Milverton's Murder

On a chilly night in February, Megundal met with Mortar Milverton inside a London omnibus. The purpose was the second transaction of 2 music disc hiding classified information. The first disc was sold previously by the son of Milverton, Robert Crogley. However, an argument ensued when Milverton demanded more money. The argument ended up with Megundal killing Milverton by a stab to the chest with a knife. At the moment of Milverton's death, a scream came from under the cushions of one of the seats in the omnibus. Megundal after lifting up the cushions found Gina Lestrade a known pickpocket. Megundal dragged her out and forced her to sit next to the corpse of Milverton which got blood on her hands.

The other passengers of the omnibus who choose to sit on the roof Oscar Fairplay and Adam Redifast looked down inside the omnibus from the skylight below their feet after hearing the commotion. They then hurried to get the police. Knowing of this, Megundal gave his coat containing the second music disc to the driver of the omnibus Beppo and told him to sell to a pawn shop called "Hatch's pawn shop" and paid him to do so. He then forced Lestrade to not tell the authorities or anyone else about what she witnessed. Megundal then gave her the deposit ticket for the coat and ordered her to hold it for 2 months. In the event that he could not redeem the coat, she would go in his place and extend the deposit time so it could not be sold as unwanted merchandise. Megundal was arrested soon after this for Milverton's murder.

   The Trial of Cosney Megundal

Three Days later, Megundal had his trial. The London Chief Justice Hart Vortex assigned Japennsee exchange student Ryūnosuke Naruhodō to be his lawyer while the prosecution would be "The Grim Reaper of the Old Bailey" Barok Von Zieks. During the trial, Naruhodō put forth the idea of a 3rd-party inside the omnibus, which Megundal confirmed. At this, Gina Lestrade set off a smoke bomb allowing to stealthily tamper with the evidence by planting some of Milverton's blood on the skylight and floor of the omnibus on Megundal's orders while the commotion was going on. After this, Megundal and Lestrade testified together to claim that he took the fall so that she could getaway. This, however, was merely a ploy to get the Jury to declare him "Not Guilty". The prosecutor Van Zieks then reveled to the court of the tampering of the omnibus which leads everyone, including Naruhodō to question Megundal innocence. This enraged Megundal and made him slam his fist onto the witness stand, infuriated that even his own defense attorney was turning against him. However, since there was no evidence the presiding judge with reluctance declared Megundal "Not Guilty". In Triumph, Megundal laughed and clapped manically as the courtroom broke into an uproar. 


After the trial, Megundal tried to pay Naruhodō 1000 guineas for defending him. However, Naruhodō turned him down angry and upset at him. He was then summoned by a fake court bailiff to inspect the omnibus in the courtroom. Megundal complied, saying it was his duty as a citizen of London. However, once inside the courtroom he was quickly locked inside the omnibus which was then set ablaze by Crogley for revenge for the death of his father. Megundal was burned alive and perished. 

The Following morning Chief Justice Hart Vortex revealed to Naruhodō that Scotland Yard made no such arrangements for Megundal to inspect the omnibus. 


It would two months later that all of Megundal's crimes were brought to light. Lestrade went into the pawnshop to retrieve the coat and discs before they were sold off. But Robert Crogley, under the alias "Eggs Benedict", interrupted and attempted to claim the items as his own. The pawnshop's owner Hatch Windibank that night was killed and Lestrade was put on trial for the crime after she was unconscious in the locked vault holding the murder weapon: Hatch's revolver. During the course of the trial, it was revealed that Megundal's death was arranged by Crogley. Crogley who was a telegraph operator used the money he got from Megundal during the first transaction to hire people including the fake bailiff to kill Megundal. After this was brought to light, Van Zieks declared Crogley to be no better than Megundal.


Cosney Megundal strove to put on the welcoming and jovial air of a selfless philanthropist and man of the people, spending vast amounts of his fortune on the preservation and restoration of many commercial areas, asking only for the newly restored areas to carry his name as compensation. However, this was all an act meant to mask his insatiable greed and garner the undeserved trust of others. His aforementioned charity was funded by the dirty money he obtained through his loan shark work. Money and fame were all he held sacred, and he was perfectly willing to resort to murder and treason if it benefited him.


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