You just got Jammed!
~ Councilman Jamm's catchphrase.

Councilman Jeremy Jamm is a major antagonist in Parks and Recreation, first appearing in Season 5.


Jamm is a local orthodontist in Pawnee, Indiana and an alumni of the esteemed Purdue University. He is known as a staple of the community since he opened the doors of Jamm Orthodontia in 1999. He is also a councilman on City Council who constantly shoots down any proposal by Leslie Knope and goes out of his way to annoy her. He is always in it for himself. Councilman Jamm's signature phrase, "you just got Jammed," is often used when he perceives that he has one-upped his opponent.


As soon as Leslie is elected to City Council, Councilman Jamm makes sure to let her know he doesn't like her. He continually uses her private office bathroom, and expresses his annoyance at the least senior city council member having the best office. Councilman Jamm argues with Leslie regarding her proposals, telling her he will only vote yes on her bill to extend the community pool hours if she gives him her office.

In "Emergency Response", it's revealed that it was Councilman Jamm who arranged for the Indiana Department of Emergency Preparedness to give Leslie an extremely hard city emergency response review in order to delay her gala, which was organized in an attempt to raise $50,000 to buildPawnee Commons on Lot 48. Instead, Councilman Jamm wants to sell the lot to Paunch Burger.

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