Still your tongue, Blumiere... Can't you see you've been duped by a dirty human? You have brought shame to my name...and to the entire Tribe of Darkness! [...] Well, then it will interest you to know...that she no longer resides in this world. This is the price those who resist their own fate must pay, my son. Someday you will see, Son. Our kind and humans must never mix.
~ Blumiere's father tries to stop his son when the latter confronts him over the disappearance of his love (and the same speech that sealed his fate).
Blumiere, my son, don't! Even your ancestors could not handle that dark book... If you open it...there's no telling what might happen! [...] Blumiere... What have you done? [...] Blu-Blumiere! Don't do this! Blumiere!
~ Blumiere's father's Villainous Breakdown.

Count Bleck's father (or Lord Blumiere's father) is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2007 Nintendo Wii video game Super Paper Mario. He is the father of Lord Blumiere, better known as Count Bleck, the central antagonist turned protagonist. He is never named and only ever addressed as Father. Due to his actions and his role as the cause of his son's turn to evil, Count Bleck's father is one of the people who are responsible for the entire game's plot events, alongside Dimentio. He is one of the few (if not the only) villains in Mario history that is not driven by greed or jealousy, but rather, adherence to order, making him a sort of anti-villain.


Lord Blumiere and his father were members of the Tribe of Darkness, a group that broke from the Tribe of Ancients after stealing the Dark Prognosticus to stop its powers from being abused. His existence is first mentioned by his son when he tells a human girl named Timpani that he was late to see her because it was hard to sneak out of the castle after his father caught him. Upon discovering that his son fell in love with Timpani, Blumiere's father disapproved of it because his tribe forbade marriage outside of the group to preserve their magical powers. It is implied that he warned Timpani by threats to stay away from his tribe and to break up with his son. However, his attempt to tear the lovers apart ultimately failed, as they eventually got engaged to each other.

Before she and Blumiere could fulfill the engagement, Timpani vanished. A heartbroken Blumiere confronted his father over her disappearance, only for the latter to tell him coldly that he banished Timpani from their home dimension and that he believed it was a fate that his kind must never mix with humans. Blumiere snapped and stole the Dark Prognosticus, from which his father begged him to stay away. Renaming himself as Count Bleck, he destroyed his home dimension in revenge for his love, killing his father and wiping out his entire tribe in the process.

It is unclear what happened to his home dimension after it was destroyed, though if the fact that Sammer's Kingdom is restored when the Pure Hearts destroy the Chaos Heart is any indication, it is likely to be restored as well. Alternatively, Bleck may have directly killed his father as revenge for Timpani's supposed murder, likely with anergy blast since his father was likely too shocked or ashamed to avoid it, so he may have gone to the Underwhere (since ruining someone's life and indirectly causing the admittedly short end of the multiverse would probably not send him to the Overthere which is the stand-in for Heaven).


Lord Blumiere's father seems to be far haughtier, sterner, stricter, crueler, colder, more abusive, and more prejudiced than his kind-hearted son. He only cares about order and his and his tribe's honor above all else, having absolutely no tolerance for rule-breaking, which explains why he has no hesitation or remorse over his evil actions at all. He has a prejudice toward humans, describing Timpani as a dirty human who was simply deceiving his son (regardless of the fact that she saved his life and that she genuinely loved him) and explaining how his kind must never mix with humans.

These personality traits stop him from considering the well-being of others, which explains why he shows no genuine concern even for his own son. His indifference to the well-being of others is eventually what indirectly causes his downfall as it made him unable to understand the pain of losing a loved one, leading him to be shocked to find that his son snaps. However, he commits his evil actions not out of pure sadism, but rather, out of adherence to order.


Count Bleck's father seems powerful in magic, enough to send Timpani into a very distant dimension.


Timpani: You're late. Did something happen?
Blumiere: Yes, my father caught me. Sneaking out of the castle wasn't easy after that.
~ Blumiere's father is first mentioned by his son.
Blumiere: Timpani, why? Why do you avoid me?
Timpani: Ow... OW! Unhand me!
Blumiere: Huh? You're crying! Why? Timpani, you must tell me what has happened!
Timpani: It's nothing... Don't worry about it... Just forget it...
Blumiere: Oh no... Timpani, is my father behind this?
Timpani: I'm... I'm just an ordinary girl. No matter how much I love you, we must part.
Blumiere: Timpani... I...
Timpani: This is goodbye, Blumiere. There's no other choice. This is our fate...
~ Blumiere and Timpani when the latter rejected him.
Blumiere: Timpani! What did you do with her? I must see her!
Blumiere's Father: Still your tongue, Blumiere... Can't you see you've been duped by a dirty human? You have brought
shame to my name...and to the entire Tribe of Darkness!
Blumiere: And so what if I did? That doesn't matter to me! She's my entire world!
Blumiere's Father: Well, then it will interest you to know...that she no longer resides in this world.
Blumiere: What... What do you mean by that?!
Blumiere's Father: This is the price those who resist their own fate must pay, my son.
Blumiere: She... No... It can't be so!
Blumiere's Father: Someday you will see, Son. Our kind and humans must never mix.
~ Blumiere's father to his son when the latter asked where Timpani is.
Blumiere's Father: Blumiere, my son, don't! Even your ancestors could not handle that dark book... If you open it...there's no telling what might happen!
Blumiere: I do not care, Father! A world without her is empty. A LIFE without her is empty. Speak, Dark Prognosticus! Teach your dark history! I await your command!
Blumiere's Father: Blumiere... What have you done?
Count Bleck: Silence! The first prophecy beckons. I will erase every inch...of this blasted world!
Blumiere's Father: Blu-Blumiere! Don't do this! Blumiere!
~ Blumiere's father pleading with him as his son transforms into Count Bleck and his final words before his death.



  • Unlike Bleck and Timpani, the father is never actually depicted in the game and his appearance is unknown since his only appearance is between chapters when there is just dialogue text.
  • In the Japanese version, it is heavily implied that Count Bleck's father injured Timpani before she nearly breaks up with his son. This didn't carry over in the English translation, probably due to this game being aimed at children whereas it was the equivalent of PG-13 due to the dark subject matter.
  • It is heavily implied that the people of Flopside are the descendants of the Tribe of Darkness that Bleck and his father was from.
  • In the Japanese version, Count Bleck's father is implied to be the chief of the Tribe of Darkness whereas the English and American versions imply that he is merely a significant member of the Tribe of Darkness.


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