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I am a tragic character!
~ Count Brocken's most famous quote.

Count Brocken is the secondary antagonist of the anime Shin Mazinger Z: The Impact. He was originally a soldier who has great achievements, but his head fell off and Dr. Hell used biotechnology to keep Brocken alive with his head separated. He later went on to become Dr. Hell's subordinate.


Brocken is an egotist, as he is frequently seen trying to compete with Baron Ashura and isn't even above attacking Ashura "accidentally" to do so. Brocken also cared little about his co-workers, as he has no problem in getting Ashura bombed along with Mazinger and causally called Viscount Pygman out for being careless when the latter was killed. Brocken is also furiously loyal to Dr. Hell and is willing to bombard a city for him, even saving Hell from Archduke Gorgon by having his mechanical body to gang up on Gorgon.

Despite being ruthless, Brocken seems to serve as the comedic relief, as when his head is kicked around like a football by Boss and his gang, Brocken commented that he is a "tragic character".


Brocken was first seen when Dr. Hell was ready to take over the Bardos Island with the help from Viscount Pygman and Baron Ashhura, where Brocken's head was still in a jar and didn't do anything. At some point, Brocken would receive his body and he would start to serve Dr. Hell.

After Ashura failed to have the Garada K7 and Doublas M2 destroy the Mazinger Z, Brocken, on his Flying Fortress Gool, dropped the Groizer X-10 bombing mechanical beast as an attempt to completely destroy Mazinger Z and Atami. However, the Mazinger Z was able to cause the Groizer to explode mid-air by hitting it with a full power Koshiryoku Beam.

Later, after Ashura fails to defeat the Mazinger for multiple times, Brocken would witness Dr. Hell punishing Ashura, showing glee over it, since he might replace Ashura's position in the future. Later, Ashura would go on to pursuit the Mazinger without Dr. Hell's permission, and Brocken reported it to Dr. Hell. However, Hell told Brocken that he was fine with it, as that means Ashura is more motivated to defeat Mazinger.

Soon, Ashura captured the Mazinger and Koji and Sayaka and brought them to the submarine fortress Saluud. They later escaped their prison, and during the chaos, Brocken appeared in his Flying Fortress Gool and ordered a bombing on Ashura's Saluud so that Ashura would fail his mission and would be favored by Dr. Hell less. This eventually cause Ashura to be forced to abandon the heavily-damaged Saluud and Koji was able to escape. In the end, Koji and his friends escaped, and both Ashura and Brocken were punished by Dr. Hell.

After Ashura failed to capture bring the Danube to Dr. Hell, Dr. Hell would discover the Kedora in the Bardos Island and sent it to fight Mazinger. However, Archduke Gorgon shows up and attacked Hell and his subordinates, Gorgon sliced Brocken's body in half and his head was saved by Pygman. Later, as Gorgon was about to destroy Pygman's shield, Brocken had his multiple bodies to overpower and defeat Gorgon.

Later, as an attempt to obtain Zeus's arm and Japanium, Dr. Hell would sent Brocken and Pygman to force Tsubasa to reveal their location. During the operation when they were searching for Ashura, Brocken would sent his Iron Cross to look for them, and Brocken's head would suddenly be taken by Boss and his gang, who started to kick Brocken like a football, much to the Count's horror. Later, Brocken was saved by the Iron Cross and he swore that Boss and his gang would pay for that. Later, Brocken, disguising himself as Kenzo Kabuto, would pilot the Energer Z to force Tsubasa to give out the location. Brocken fought Kenji and even gained the upper hand and managed to overpower the Mazinger, but Tsubasa suddenly discovered Pygman, ruining their plans and activating the Zeus' arm, causing it to grab the Eneger Z and lead to an explosion, removing Brocken's disguise and force him and Pyman retreated back to the Gool. Later, the Eneger was pushed away by the Mazinger's Big Bang Punch, causing it to explode in a safe distance and even damaging the Gool, causing it to lose control and crash-landed on the Bardos Island, with Dr. Hell angrily calling Brocken and Pygman out for their foolishness.

During Dr. Hell's final assault of the Photonic Power Lab, Brocken, in his Gool, would be sent to lead flying Mechanical Beasts to fight the Mazinger Army. Brocken defeated them with the overwhelming numbers of mechanical beasts, and later, Brocken received the news of Pygman's death, much to his annoyance. Soon, the Gool would be shot by the Big Bang Punch, knocking Brocken off balance. Brocken then piloted the Brocken V2 Schneider Mechanical Beast and he was seemingly killed when the Gool crashed into Ashura's Bood. However, he survived and attacked Sayaka and takes her hostage, only for her father, Yanosuke Yumi, to reveal the Photonic Power Lab's true form as the Photon Power Fortress, blasting Brocken to ashes with his cannon.




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