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Count Chocula is the main antagonist of the webcomic Breakfast Of The Gods and a dark parody of the beloved cereal mascot of the same name.

He is a vampire who is a threat to every living being in Cerealia.


Count Chocula is first introduced having his right-hand man Frankenberry beat Buzz the Honey Nuts Cheerios bee to death, after questioning him about the whereabouts of King Vitaman.

King Vitaman has gone missing and the cereal mascots are wondering where he has gone. Count Chocula then has Frankenberry and Sonny Bird (who he has driven insane using his love of cocoa) kidnap the Rice Krispy trio and proceeds to have Frankenberry torture them, doing so anyway even when they reveal they know nothing about King Vitaman's whereabouts.

Knowing that Cap'n Crunch will oppose his plans, he orders King Ayummayumma and his tribe to kill Cap'n Crunch in exchange for part of Cerealia. Though he succeeds in killing several members of Cap'n Crunch's crew, he ultimately fails. Afterwards, he makes an alliance with Lucky the Leprechaun, as he is paranoid that people will steal his lucky charms.

Despite his initial failure, he succeeds in bribing the Trix Rabbit using Trix Cereal into telling him where he can find Cap'n Crunch.

Count Chocula then proceeds to have Cap'n Crunch's archenemy Jean Lefoote kill Cap'n Crunch when he refuses to help him, and makes an alliance with the Sogmaster who wishes to have access to Cerealia's Milk Seas.

Count Chocula then reveals that King Vitaman has hidden himself along with his advisor Jarvis so that he can power a force field protecting Cerealia. Count Chocula wishes to kill King Vitaman so that he can destroy the force field and plunge Cerealia into eternal night.

Once he has done so, Count Chocula will then proceed to drain the life out of every single resident of Cerealia in order to satisfy his sweet tooth. He then proceeds to drain the life out of the Trix Rabbit.

However, before Count Chocula can kill King Vitaman, Cookie Jarvis uses a spell to summon the sun, causing Count Chocula to be reduced to a skeleton and cocoa dust.

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