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Dian Delchi, better known as Count Dian, is a minor antagonist from Dragalia Lost, serving as the main antagonist of Nevin's adventurer story.


Count Dian shares the same model as Elua. As such, he looks exactly the same as him. This is due to the two of them using the appearance of a generic noble despite their relevance to their adventurer stories.


Back during Nevin's early days as an apostle, Count Dian orchestrated a plan to have every member of the Alberian family killed. To do this, he set up plans to acquire the Gaolstone from the Northen Ilian Church.

He was quick to find out that the stone had been stolen from a templar by a member of the Shadewolves by the name of Zardon. Finding this out, Dian was quick to offer Zardon twice the amount of what the priest who initially hired the theif was paying, which Zardon accepted and even killed his previous client.

However, Zardon reveals Count Dian's location to Nevin who finds and engages Count Dian. The count attempts to use the gaolstone to kill Nevin, melting rocks all around the cave that the two of them are in.

Eventually, Nevin uses his skills and abilities as an apostle to knock the gaolstone out of Count Dian's hands. Just as he does that, the cave starts collapsing.

It is unknown what became of Count Dian after that, but it can be assumed that he was still in the cave when it collapsed and died in there.


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