Fail, and I will have you - Heinrich Muller!
~ Count Karlstein makes a deal with Zamiel the demon Huntsman

Count Karlstein is the antagonist of the book Count Karlstein by Philip Pullman. He is a Swiss, real name Heinrich Muller, who usurped the count-ship after the real Count Karlstein died.

Ten years ago, Count Karlstein made a demonic deal with Zamiel the demon Huntsman to give him fame and wealth and respect if he kept his bargain by bringing Zamiel two human sacrifices, living, on Halloween in ten years. Count Karlstein got his bargain from Zamiel and became the count of the town Karlstein. He had two nieces adopted, despite hating them. They were Charlotte and Lucy and they were orphans. They hated the count but couldn't say as he beat them. So, after drinking, the count decided he would have Charlotte and Lucy as Zamiel's sacrifice.

But the maid was listening outside and saved the girls. When he found they were not in the castle, Count Karlstein did his best to find them. He sent out Snivelwurst, his henchman, to track down his nieces, and then he became increasingly worried as the day went on to Halloween night. Finally, he recaptured Lucy and got her back to the castle with Snivelwurst. But then Peter, Hilda and Charlotte came up to free Lucy from the hunting lodge where Zamiel was going to arrive. Peter challenged Zamiel who said he didn't hurt huntsmen, and then Zamiel flew off.

Count Karlstein was celebrating but was nervous, he kept hearing baying. He finally realized his time was up and he frantically tried to hide, he began dissolving into a nervous wreck and then finally Zamiel burst in to the room demanding his sacrifice. Count Karlstein tried to give him Snivelwurst but Zamiel chose him instead, and pursued the terrified count into the night where the count ran forever.

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