Count King, also referred to as Baron King, is the main antagonist of episode 13 of the 1968 Cyborg 009 anime. He is a wealthy man who seeks to become ruler of the world by using his missile satellites to intimidate the United Nations into surrendering to him.


Count King used his satellites to destroy several landmarks across the world, leading to the UN calling a meeting to figure out what to do. While they were discussing the attacks, Count King messaged them via television and introduced himself before offering the UN an ultimatum: allow him to govern the world or have it be ravaged by his satellites.

However, the 00 Cyborgs are able to track down his north pole base, Devil's Castle, and go to confront him. While the 00 Cyborgs are infiltrating his castle, King receives a reply from the UN, who state they have unanimously voted to not hand over the world to Count King. In response, King has his henchmen arm all of his satellites and prepare to fire them. Just then, the 00 Cyborgs bust into his control room and destroy the controls to the satellite, causing it to malfunction and implode.

His plans foiled, Count King flees in his helicopter, stating he will repair his satellites. However, Cyborg 004 fires a missile at the tail of his helicopter, causing it to crash into the side of a mountain and be buried in a avalanche, which also presumably killed Count King as well.


  • He is adapted from Van Vogt, an antagonist in the manga.
  • Curiously, unlike his original counterpart, Count King is the superior of the 1968 incarnation of Skull, Skull Mask, as opposed to it being the other way around.
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